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I worry about my weight, almost obsessively (im very thin but had 2 kids and 28 now-metabolism has to go sometime) I worry about being a bad mom--that one keeps me up at night. I worry about my marriage, i worry about money at times, i really worry about my car, it isnt new and when it acts up I get really freaked out. i guess Im afraid of getting stuck with the kids.

I worry about aging alot lately as I realized that I will be 29 soon. I guess I feel like life over the past couple of years hasnt been very fun so is it just passing me by??? time goes by really fast and that scares me. I worry about my daughters and having to lose one of them. I know it happens, but I can imagine going through it.

I have been a worrier since I was a toddler. I pulled out all my eyelashes in the 2nd grade due to anxiety over a mean teacher. I would have to say that my coping skills are alot better now, but only becuase Ive been through some horrible experiences,a nd Im still here, so I figure, why worry about it when practically everything that could happen has?? Ironically, I do NOT worry much about health. I had cancer as a teen and Im still here, 12 years and 2 kids later, and though Im not the healthiest person on earth, I know I can get through whatever comes my way. I DO worry that I will get stuck too sick to care for the kids. It has happened with infections, high fevers, and my husband works alot and my mom came and took the kids for me. That is scary.

I am just a naturally stressed-out person. Most of it affects me at bedtime. Hubby works at 3 am so I have lots of time to do the last thing I should be doing before bed: THINKING way too much!

:eek: :eek: :eek:
Right now, I am worrying over this metallic taste that comes and goes (mostly comes). I think that it's something REALLY serious because I find some answers but don't really know. I just wish someone would tell me it's not a life threatening thing. It is really freaking me out! I have TMJ, don't floss everyday, have acid reflux iI think, don't drink enough water etc... (in case anyone was going to ask) :confused:

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