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Hi Dave-
Actually my Dr. caught this and I had no idea my heart was racing. I was in for a yearly visit and he kept asking me if I felt okay? He made me stay in his office for 3 hours and kept checking to see if it went down. It didn't so his first thought was thyroid. (I was 40 at the time) I got my thryoid checked and it was fine, then they checked my Adrenal Gland function and it too was fine, I had a EKG and the entire time my HB was 121. Then I believe I had the Echogardiogram and it was fine?
Once I took the Inderal I sat back and said to myself "now I know why the Dr. kept asking if I felt okay" I felt like a whole new person. I had gotten so use to it I thought it was normal. It's been a year now and I take the Inderal 80 mg at night and 15 mg of Buspar twice a day for aniexty. Every now and again I will feel it start back up and I get so scared. It was nice to hear your story and that you lived to tell about it, I get so terrified I am going to have a heart attack from this.
[QUOTE=blondiemomm]My biggest anxiety revolves mainly around my heart and worrying about heart problems. I've been tested from one end to the other and no underlying heart problem was found, but my heart seems to constantly beat faster than normal (approx 102 bpm). This is not just during an anxiety attack. It's all of the time. That in itself makes me worry about sudden cardiac death and my heart just stopping. I'm 35, a non-smoker, and not overweight, and know that the chances of that happening are very little, but when thoughts such as that hit me in the middle of the night; they are VERY hard to ignore.[/QUOTE]
I have the same thing going on! Mine was clocked at 121/122 for a month non stop. I had all the test and was in and out of the hospital over a month and they found nothing!
Have you tried a beta blocker? My Cardiologist put me on Inderal LA and it went from 122 to 63 within an hour! It was so odd because I didn't even know my heart was racing, I had become so use to it. Once it dropped I felt like a whole new person. I have been on it a year and a half along with Lexapro and Buspar to help me stay "calm". Once in a blue moon It will start going fast but it's far and few between. One thing is a word of warning. I got a home monitor and started to Obsess over my HR #. I was taking in all the time running into stores and doing the store BP HR test. Big NO NO :nono:
The more I worried the worse it got.

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