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About 4-5 months ago, I was taking Lexapro 10mg a day. I quit cold turkey after the 6th week because of the anxiety it caused me. I was off for 3.5 months or so.

Anyhow, I tried taking it again for three days and that's all I could take. I was SO damn tired and it was making my depression and anxiety 10x worse.

Here lies the problem. It has been almost a week after taking the last one and I am still so friggin' tired I can hardly function. When I am tired, I get more anxiety and PA's. I feel as if I have not got 4 hours of sleep the past 6 days! I feel like a walking zombie. Like I want to lie in the grass or on the side of the road to go to sleep!

Furthermore my anxiety and depression are still 10x worse. What is wrong with me? Is it because the drug is still in my system???

I can't take this. [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]It was tolerable before I starting taking those stupid pills!!!!!!

What is wrong with me??!?!!?

EDIT: This is not my first post. And I have not been diagnosed with anything. But self-diagnosed with GAD and SAD.
the same thing happened to me with paxil, so i went on a different ad and it helped. i just had to put up with the side effects again.
Chances are the lexapro was not in your system anymore after nearly a week. How are you feeling now?

My story: I started taking lexapro in December and took it for 3 days at 10mg. I felt awful for those 3 body ached, I was sweating like a pig and on the 3rd day I woke up with completely dilated pupils. I stopped taking it because I didn't like what it was doing. After about a month of crazy anxiety and panic attacks, I had to try again. This time I cut the pills in half and was on 5mg for 2 weeks. I had no side effects at this dose. On the 3rd week I upped to 10mg and again, I was feeling sweaty and waking up with dilated pupils. I dropped back down to 5mg and have been feeling fine. The only thing that may have a correlation to the pill is nausea- but it's nothing that Rolaids or Pepto can't fix~ Overall, it has definitely improved my anxiety and panic attacks. I was in bad shape about a month ago and "knock on wood" haven't felt nearly as crazed. Yes, I still worry about things but not as obsessively. I'm not crying as much and I'm not waking up with horrible panic attacks. Maybe a lower dose could help you too? OR, talk to your doctor and see if another med is better for you. Good luck!
I am thinking about that. I amgoing to talk to my doctor anyhow. But how much does 5mg help anxiety? I have GAD that is paralyzing me in everything! Every day is a challenge.

Are there any NON-SSRI treatments for GAD and depression? What about the trycylics? I cant seem to handle SSRI's :( :(

And Buspar doesnt work. I dont know how they get away with selling that snake oil!
What are NON-SSRIs? I am on my 2nd week of zoloft, which I have taken before and don't like, but will give it a try...I was prescribed cymbalta, which I think is not a ssri, but I don't think I gave it long enough...Friends seemed to notice that I appeared much "well rested" and looked better when I was taking it, so I wonder if I should have stopped. I can't see how 5mg of lexapro could work, but I have extreme anxiety 24/7, so even the 20 didn't cut it for me.
NON-SSRI older anti-depresants, like trycylics. Actually, I think thats the only NON-SSRI. Oh wait, MAOIs. Which are no fun I hear. But I would be willing to try them.
There is long acting xanax xr now...its good for GAD. Has a different down side than SSRI's. Everything has its own downside, unfortunatly.
When we need chemical treatment for our disorders.
I take lexapro and xanax, I feel very well on this combo. I have GAD also.

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