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Few years ago before I started college I developed a very noticeable twitch. Some days it wasnt so bad, but some days it became disturbing to me and my family. I had no idea what caused it and it scared me to death. But after awhile it just kind of passed over. It briefly afflicted me again about a year ago when I was perhaps in the worst shape of my life mentally but not nearly as it was a few years ago. Again it just kind of passed over. I noticed myself twitching slighty the week before my ill-fated attempt to board a flight last november. But I really dont know if that was twitching or trembling. May have just been trembles, but I remember my mom telling me it was very visable no matter how much I tried to conceal it. The day before my flight there wasnt any twitching but I was shaking uncontrollably very bad.

About a week ago the twitching started happening again. Bu this time its much more noticeable like it was a few years ago. And its been a week now and im still having twitches frequently throughout the day. I dont know if this is something that happens periodically with someone who suffers from anxiety disorder and depression or just simply induced by stressful situation. It doesnt affect me that much or decrease my ability to work or drive or anything. Its more of a annoyance, but a disturbing one. I just wish I knew what causes it. I think its anxiety and stress. And I know ive been under a tremendous amount lately. Ive been taking prozac for about 4 months and clonazepam for about a month now I think.

I know itll just pass in another week or so but is there any way to reduce it? And what really causes it?

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