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Yes, please do let me know how the appointment goes.
I'm with you, if I were in that situation I'm sure I'd let my Husband do the talking...he's the even tempered one.
If I had to talk to him I'd be swearing like my Irish Grandfather used to, lets just say it wouldn't be pretty and I'd bet money I could make him cry :)
Did I read in one of your other posts that he wants you to stop the Xanax and start an SSRI?...or am I confusing you with another poster?
If that's what he wants then it kind of sounds like he's been brain washed by a drug company rep.
At one point when I was still having attacks I asked my Doctor about maybe trying Zoloft or Paxil, he said "You can if you want to, but why would you want to mess with something that works?"
But he gave into me and gave me samples...which I'm sure came from a rep...of Zoloft.
:eek: :eek: Biggest mistake of my life I was covered in hives from head to foot same thing happened with the Paxil, turns out there's something in them that I have a severe allergy to.

I called his office and he told me "Flush the rest of the samples and tear up the prescription, just stay with the Xanax you know they help and they sure are a whole lot cheaper."
Thank God he wasn't swayed by the reps to have me keep trying other meds.

It's your body, your life and your well being, not his.
If he's any kind of a Doctor there's no way that he can't know that stopping Xanax without weaning is something that just shouldn't be done.
Yes, you're taking a very low I was, BUT you've been taking that low dose for a long time.

When I hear stories like yours I just thank God that I had a wonderful Doctor that wasn't afraid to allow me to take the low dose of Xanax when I needed it and when I didn't was so very helpful in giving me a weaning schedule that worked with no W/D at all.

To tell you the truth I think you should see if he'll "Put his pen where his mouth is."
But that would probably only do more harm than good.

Like I said at the beginning of this "BOOK" please let me know how the appointment goes...I'll be thinking about you.

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