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Hey, iv posted here before many times but im still unhappy about a lot of things and i like to get stuff out to guys as it helps me clear my mind - thankyou

Right, here goes:

I have twice been rushed to hospital 1st time on 23rd December 04 and 2nd time was last thursday.

I have been getting a fast heart rate for the last 6 months and since then ive never felt 100%. I always feel tired, slightly lightheaded and have no drive. The doctor sent me for an ecg but twice lost the results! While waiting for my 3rd ecg i got chest pains and a real fast heart rate while i was in the pub one night. This led to my 1st trip to hospital.

I had x-rays, bloods, ultrasound and all was fine. I was sent home and given verapamil (calcium channel blocker) to slow the heart down.

Nothing really changed, i would still experience the fast heart rate at random times and everytime i went to the pub i could guarantee it i would get the fast heart rate, palpitations, lightheadedness and feel like i was dying.

Last thursday i was driving home and the chest pain come back (like a trapped wind feeling) with a real fast heart beat, shivering but sweating, lighteheadedness and i was real touchy and irritable, i also had pain in my arm and neck, a real heavyness. I ended up back in A and E.

This time they did the same tests and all were fine. I spent four days in there, one of which was in coronary care unit. I also had a CT scan and it was OK.

I was sent home on monday diagnosed with supra ventricular tachycardia. Incase you dont know its where youve got extra electrical networks of your heart which can make it beat to fast. Its not a major thing and some people dont know they got it! Can be removed in an operation if needs be. They doubled my dose of veramapmil and gave me asprin to take one a day.

Now im back home again and a feel terrible and constantly worried. I always feel lightheaded and i am worried about my heart. I am constantly checking my pulse and seeing if its going to fast. If it is then i panic and it gets faster so i panic more and my chest pain comes back and i feel more lightheaded and so on!

I have been told by the doctors that my heart is fine but i cant help worrying. I DO believe that i have SVT but im sure this is not all thats wrong. Nothing supposably triggers SVT but im sure my constant worry trigers it off. I must think about it 90% of the day. At the minute im off on sick leave and its always in the back of my mind.

I am now worried to go out places in case my heart races and i feel like im about to pass out. When i think about going to the pub with friends my heart rate shoots up to like 140 bpm and i am worried that i mite die when im out. I do go out but spend the whole time worrying and aware of my heart rate and i feel dizzy and like im going to have a heart attack. It then slows down when i get home.

Its not like im worrying about nothing because i do have all the symtoms but i just cant seem to clear my mind and get on with life.

I do think i have anxiety of some kind maybe social/health. The thing thats on my mind at the minute is the doctor said SVT isnt triggered by anything like anxiety so i must have SVT all the time - which is impossible!

I seem to make my symptoms come on and get worse by thinking about them - its like i want my mind to be wiped of these thoughts as im sure i wouldnt get them if i didnt think about them!

Is it possible for anxiety to do this and can people have anxiety all the time?

At the minute im feel lightheaded and have discomfort in my chest and ive felt likE this for weeks and in my mind i having all on to stop my hand reaching up to my neck to check my heart rate! I am starting to get real down about this.

I feel better for writing out all that and appreciate you guys so much for helping.

(hry33 - you are really helpful and so grateful for all your posts.)

Im 20 y/o male.

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