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[B]Stress and Anxiety[/B] can be caused by a number of worry...etc.

It causes a ton of unpleasant symptoms such as: sweating, dizzyness, feeling of unreality, feeling of having a heart attack, weird thoughts, sleeplessness etc. I have suffered with stress, anxiety and depression for several years, I am perimenopausal and have had bouts of irritability. I have finally figured out what works for me. PILLS do not work for me. I am not saying to go off pills or ignore your Drs. advice about them, but for me a holistic approach works best. OK with all that said here is what I did. This is the investment you will need to make:

1. Bought a book called "Freedom from stress" a holistic approach by Phil Nuernberger, PH.D. Teaches you how breathing incorrectly can disrupt the nervous system. Teaches you how to breath correctly. Also goes into mind, body and yoga. Invaluable tool for getting better.
2. Bought a program on tape from the Midwest center for stress and anxiety. This was expensive, but it went into how overreacting, and handling situations poorly result in stress. Gives you tools to correct thinking. This really works.
3. Bought a treadmill. Walk/Run at a fast pace for 30 minutes 5 times a week. This action acts as a natural antidepressant. Do it even if you feel like dying. (and believe me I wanted to!) But stick with it. Don't put pressure on yourself to be a marathon runner, just work at getting better. If you cannot afford a treadmill...get out and walk. You don't have to go ten miles, just do a little at a time and get better each day.
4. Bought a yoga mat, yoga brick and 5 Yoga DVD's. (all yoga is not created equal) In your yoga library you should have a basic yoga class, yoga for stress, power yoga, yoga for meditation and a couple more versions of yoga. Don't worry if you can't do all the positions or if it seems overwhelming at first. JUST DO IT! Just remember to get the basic beginners yoga first. I recommend "Yoga Journals, Yoga for meditation" by Rodney Yee. I also recommend "Yoga Class" by Gary Bromley.
5. Learned how to meditate. Ok, this one is not as easy as you think because you are actually clearing the mind of all thoughts and pretty much doing nothing. This is a usefull tool for breaks and lunches at work. Go out to your car and sit if you need private time. Also recommend getting a hobby other than exercise...all work and no play is depressing in itself!
6. Saw a competent chiropractor. This was good for releasing the tension in my neck and back. It was a key element to helping me. Was well worth the expense. I started out with 3 times a week, now I am down to 2 times a mo.
7. Took a break from friends, family and work. You can always catch up on gossip later, this is time for you now.
8. Changed diet. STAY AWAY from sugar, salt, and foods that contain hydogenated oils. You can eat meat but limit it. Try to eat a ton of fresh vegetables. If you can't stand them, puree them and add them to whatever you are making. Don't just eat starcy veggies, you need a variety. Eat only whole grain breads and pasta's. Regular bread and pasta turn to sugar in the body. Drink tons of water.
9. Went to health food store and got vitamins. Ask your local health food dealer what would help you.
10. Changed Doctors. Made and appointment with a holistic Dr who happens to be an MD.
11. For peace of mind, I had an EKG, (took 3 minutes). Proved that there was nothing wrong with my heart..It was all in my head! Made me feel so much better. Realized that the awful symptoms I was having couldn't actually "hurt" me.
12. To thyne own self be true!

That's it! Hope this helps!

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