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Natasha it seems youve been battling anxiety toe to toe for awhile. Does it help to speak to it as if its a entity that exist inside you? I do the same you know. Sometimes I talk with anger, sometimes I try to reason with it, sometimes I cry and beg, but its all the same, it has no ears to listen, no emotion of sympathy, no care of my dreams, and no heart for mercy.

I don't what you can say about it. Is it a disease, illness, chemical imbalance, a character flaw, or just simply fear. Don't know. But its there. It feels it has a right, cos its apart of you. Apart of me. But its suppose to protect us, not make us more afraid. It doesnt dream. It doesnt care of the goals. It seems to go against everything we strive for that will make our lives better. Fear excessively all the wrong things. Im suppose to fear death, not life[COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] but cant sit in a college classroom or hold a job. And I dont know what it is. Its something you can treat. But ultimately you have to defeat as well. It imposes its will on everything Ive ever dreamed. Destroyed my life, effortlessly.

How do you win. How do you fight it. Somehow I fear I made it stronger by isolating for so many years. Ive made it almost impossible to come out of this dark hole. I always tell myself, it cant last forever, ill grow out of it. But it has. Cos its apart of me, just like everything else. It wont last forever. Only until it kills me, or until the day i die.

You can benefit from the medication. At least it does lesson the blow as you say. Dont make the mistake I did and try to fight it alone. It is impervious to will power. Ive tried so hard to will myself through it. It is impervious to determination, and laughs at hope. The more your fight it the worst it gets. My pride got in the way, I didnt think I needed anything, im a man, etc. I dont care if you have muscles coming out of your ears, ive never felt something so horrific, it can bring anyone to their knees.

Im taking 40mg of Prozac and 0.5 mg of clonazepam a day. I really dont know how much it has worked but, maybe it can give me a chance. A chance to do one thing Ive always dreamed of. Help me accomplish this one tremendous goal I have in life that could change my life. If only I can just find a way.

You seem very strong. I hope you find your way and overcome it. I have faith you will. Good luck and get better.

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