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I am a 26 year old father of two girls who works full time and goes to college at night. My GPA is excellent and my aspirations are high. I have been dealing with episodes of panic and chronic anxiety since the age of 16. Since November I have had this overwhelming trouble breathing that lasts all day into the night with NO relief. I have visited the emergency room 6 times since November 11th!!!!! Different ER's of course. I have had ekg's, x-rays, blood work, halter monitor, echo cardiogram and visited two different primary care doctors. All of the tests came back negative and all attribute this to anxiety. No I have brief episodes of intense panic lasting 5 minutes and sometimes happen 10 minutes apart from each other. I had childhood asthma and had a small brain hemmorrage from a cavernous malformation in the right frontal lobe of my brain. The neurologists just advise to monitor it because it is not a complication or symptomatic. I was prescribed xanax, ativan and clonazepam, all low doses. I have not taken any of them yet. I took 2 doses of zoloft which a psy. told me to stop and took 9 days worth of paxil where on the day i increased my dose, I passed out that night from something they said was a stress attack. I am in hell and losing my family and damaging my work and schhol life. I was able to beat this before but it is so intense now and the breathing trouble will not let up!!!!!! I do not know which med to try and meditation is unsuccessful, I am terrified to leave familiar surroundings and every little abnormal sensation I begin to attribute it to a medical condition that the doctors cannot discover for some reason. Please someone help!!!!!!!!!

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