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Hi, im a 24 year old male. I have been shy since I was small, but it developed into social anxiety in about grade 8. From grade 8 all the way through high school I was known as the kid who did not talk.

Looking back, I do not know how I got through high school except that I skipped all the time, and I still had childhood friends (people I had known for 10+ years) who I was comfortable being myself around. I was not a loser or have acne or weight issues, I did not have any real problems except what I thought was a severe case of shyness.

A few years ago when I started University I realized that I had and have a problem. I have basically just sucked it up and dealt with it for the most part, what else can you do?

However, the last few years of college, I have noticed another step up to panic attacks. Usually I would get uncomfortable in social situations, I would feel a bit nervous, you know what that is like, but the last few years it got to the point where I would just have to leave almost once or twice a week at least.

I would get a panic attack and my breathing would become laboured, I would get paranoid and in the last 2 years I would sweat a lot. I have always sweated quite a bit, but its getting crazy now. Im about 5'7 and 150 pounds.

Basically I have two anxiety problems. The first is that I think people are always judging me. This started in high school where its just normal for teengaers to go through this phase. I think I am starting to grow out of it, but it is still there. I can kind of have a handle on that problem since I have dealt with it for so long. The sweating is killing me though.

I basically start to sweat a bit, and then because of anxiety I cannot stop thinking about it and it just gets worse and worse because I cannot stop thinking about it, and I sweat more and more. It basically gets to the point where people know something is wrong because I will have sweat dripping off me when everyone else is sitting with lots of clothes on (picture Canada in the winter, I am from SK). I dress very light because of this problem, it is not a clothes issue.

So now everyone is kind of like, "why is this guy sweating?" And on top of that I now know objectively that people are judging me a bit, and then I get that nice social anxiety and then things get bad. Basically I usually just have to get up and leave. I miss a lot of classes, I miss appointments, I will get the nerve to go to the movies and freak out and have to go home, anxiety people know how this feels.

Laboured breathing, increase heart beat and shaking I can usually hide, but sweating not only makes me incredibly uncomfortable, but other people dont want to sit by a guy who is pouring sweat for no reason. It does not stop either. I have had to sit through seminar classes 2 1/2 hours long sweating the whole time, at the end I can literally ring out sweat from my clothes, they are so soaked through. This is my version of anxiety hell which I cannot take anymore. This is my version of anxiety that I think about constantly. I have to go through rituals preparing to go to a class, to go anywhere for that matter.

I carry extra clothes with me all the time now, and of course I use anti-persprint. I shower 2-3 times a day and shave my body hair and crew cut my head hair to try to rid myself of any extra body heat. I also actively exercise to try to just keep my body healthy (this does nothing for my anxiety, but I have exercised all my life just for general health).

I would like to hear anyone elses problems or solutions that pertain to anxiety and sweating. I have read through these boards and seen many people with common symptoms, but I have not found someone whos main trigger is sweating like mine. Can anyone relate? Thanks

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