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First of all I will intoduce myself... :wave:
I went to the doctor for my anxiety and panic attacks about a month ago and he perscribed me Klonopin and Lexapro. (
The klonopin works...ok...i just wish it didnt make me so sleepy
I have yet to take the lexapro because I heard it's for depression and I dont believe Im depressed.

Back to the question....sometimes when I drink I get really bad anxiety after Im done drinking for the night,sometimes so badly that I cant sleep that night.
Does this happen to other people?

Just to let you know, if I plan on drinking that night I will only take a half on one of my klonopin pills.

How long after I drink could I take another half?
It's not really good to mix the stuff since they are both Central Nervous System depressants. You don't want to be slowed down too much. Are you taking Klonopin every day? I mean, does your doctor have you on a regimine? Typically it's best to take those meds on an "as needed" basis... you know, when you actually HAVE a panic attack. Your doctor probably gave them to you to help w/ any possible starter effects of the Lexapro. Lexapro is used widely for anxiety and many people have found great relief from their anxiety with Lexapro. It seems to have less side effects than most other SSRI's. I suggest you try it... it can't hurt & maybe after a while you will feel good enough to not have to worry about panic after drinking.

Also, I think many people have anxiety when drinking... it's part of the anxiety/panic cycle. There was a time when I basically couldn't drink at all because my anxiety was so bad... and the couple of times I did, I had to get smashed so I didn't care. Not healthy & a very bad place to be. You just need to work on getting yourself well so that you can lead a quality life where you do not worry about these things & I do believe the Lexapro would help. If you are really dead-set against it, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) seems to work miracles for many people.
I do only take the klonopin as needed and I wait several hours before drinking ( at least 6). Now is it ok to take the klonopin the next morning?

Thank you for the info on the Lexapro, I think I will give it a shot, if it helps me not think about my anxiety. :)
Yes, it is ok to take the Klonopin the next morning and would probably off-set any anxiety your hangover might induce.

I know it's difficult for a person with panic & anxiety issues to actually start a med like Lexapro -- it's kind of against our nature to take something that might actually produce side-effects in the very beginning. I resisted for a very long time, but I'm very thankful I did. I took Zoloft & only stayed on it for 3 months, but it was soooooooooo helpful in getting my mind straighted out and getting me out of the anxiety/panic rut!
Im going to the doctor on friday and Im afraid to tell him that I havent taken the Lexapro yet.
I havent had a serious pan attick since ive been taking the klonopin...EXCEPT for the morning after drinking once, I took half a one of my klonopin and it seemed to make it worse...I almost went to the ER again :eek:

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