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Hi Tormenta,

If you are having panic attacks.....I know exactly how you are feeling. I suffered with them for a year. I bought a book to read about panic and anxiety. Was the best thing I ever did. This is what I did to control and get rid of my panic attacks. It was in the book and it really works.

1. Try and relax when you are having one. They will not kill you! If you let them happen and acknowledge it they will start going away and not come back as often.
2. Meditate for 15 mins when you feel them coming on. Give yourself good affirmations such as "I am calm, I am healthy, just positive thoughts. Don't say things in your mind like " I don't want to feel scared anymore " something that has a negative word because your subconsience will pick up on that word and you won't feel better.
3. Taking Cal/magnesium really helps relax you and it is safe.
4. Avoid: caffiene,chocolate,vinegar,alcohol,anything that is a stimulate because it will bring on the panic.

There is a way to help with this w/o taking perscription drugs, which AD's caused me to start having panic attacks believe it or not.

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