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Hi - Thanks for the update. So glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. I am sooo happy for you. I feel ok today - I think i may have gotten the flu that my son had, so I am already thinking bad know how it goes - it's the flu for everybody else, but something fatal for me!! I am really praying hard to get this pattern of thought out of my head! I really don't want to suffer through this mentally as well as physically. Keep me in your prayers & keep me posted on how your days are going. Blessings & thanks for keeping in touch -it means alot - Marirose
Hi Girls,

Sorry Worriedfemale29 that u r not feeling any better. Maybe just relaxing and getting some rest will help u feel better until u finish with your medication. Thanks for your prayers for my father and me. I'm so glad that we all can come together to help each other get threw our anxiety. Well, I have to go take my daughter to the doctor for her checkup. I will check back with you later. My goal for to day is to "Walk By Faith & Not By Sight". Therefore, no matter how bad I feel or no matter how difficult things in this earthly world will get today. I will do what ever it takes to wait on God. Sometimes when my anxiety or negative thought start to overwhelm me I just start saying over and over. Things like: Jesus Help me get Control over my mine, Jesus Help Me, Jesus give me strength, Thank you Jesus, I turn all these negative feelings over to you, Help me Lord, and etc. I hope these r helpful for both of you to use when u r having any feelings or thoughts that are not of God. It so wonderful that God has taken control and all of us is going to have a better day. According to his word, Ask and We Shall Receive. I asking him right now for all of us to have peace, courage, faith, strength, and joy today. I accept and hope you two will, also. Check with you two later.
Hi Girls, Sorry I haven't posted, had a bad day yesterday, but feeling much better today. My husband went to a Terry Terrell concert and bought me one of his CD's. It is great. He is very uplifting. I love his song, Help Me Get Down On My Kness. I don't know if you two have ever heard of him, but if you haven't you should look him up. He's a great gospel singer. Marirose, had to stop the antibiotics they were making me feel like I was going to pass out constantly and my heart was constantly beating fast. I haven't had any today and I feel like myself again. I think I have whooped the flu, so I'm just going to see how I do without them. Treetop, I'm glad you got the job. Hope it helps you to get your life back to normal without anxiety. I liked the idea of the name change, but haven't decided on a new name yet. Any suggestions??? Hope you girls are doing fine. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you both, worriedfemale
I have had anxiety and panic attacks for more than 20 years now. And I have learned to accept that they are a part of who I am. I am now entering Menopause and get attacks monthly. I had not had one for a few years. My method of getting through them is simple, I go to my room and grab the sock basket that I keep in my closet and I start matching and rolling socks, then if I am still consumed with doom-thoughts, I start to count backwards from 20 as I roll the socks, it forces me to think, and I cannot let the bad thoughts in. When I start to calm down, and it only takes a couple of minutes now, I turn on the TV to TV land or something that probably has nothing that would make me worry (the news is the worst, medical tv shows are next worst) the time a 30 minute show is over, the basket of socks is empty and I feel better. Folding towels is good when the sock basket is empty. Believe me it helps to find a comfort activity if it happens in the house. At work I get up and go outside for a minute or two and count leaves on trees, or listen for birds or other things to distract my mind. Talking to people does not help me at all. Hope this works for some of you.

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