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I can relate to you. You are NOT alone! I'm 55 years old now, but I can recall very clearly how I felt way back then. I went out on my first date when I was 17, and I thought that was late. I was a senior in high school and I was terrified of being the last one to date. I forced myself to go out (I wanted to but was so shy!!) Then when I went out I was even terrified to hold her hand and the first kiss took many months to happen because I was terrified!! But everyone else is right. Once you kiss her, she will most likely respond and it will flow very easily. Don't worry about sex. Once you get to know a woman well, it won't be e problem - even if it is, you will get through it. The thing that takes most of us guys a long time to learn is that women are people just like us (Well, not just like us!!, but they have insecurities and anxieties also). The good news is that I did get married (sad to say more than once), have children and have had a fairly normal life. I never thought it would happen. I recall the terrible fear of even asking a girl out. If I only knew then what I know now. The thing to ask yourself - so what if she says no? So what if she turns you down? Big deal!! There are a million others out there!! Hang in there. You are worth it! You are worthy of love!!

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