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Thanks Jpdst29. It logically makes sense that its not asthma but it feel so bad that I wonder at times. Also my air hunger usually happens where It feels like I cant get a deep enough breath. Almost like my lungs are tight and wont expand. Then I try to take a deep breath to get rid of this feeling but Im unable to. It goes away when I finnally get that one breath that feels deep enough. Does that sound like what you go thru?
I have this too. Its been going on for about a week now. 2 visits to 2 ER's and they say anxiety. Like everyone if I am doing something I dont really think about it. Ive decided to to like Frank said and just resist the urge to breathe deep.
Its really annoying because about every 3 to 5 minutes I have to yawn or take a deep breath its really annoying me BIG TIME. and if I cant get that deep breath I FREAK sometimes building it into a full blown panic attack. This is insane. Oh well mabye it will go away someday. Ive thought about hypnosis. Mabye that would help. I just dont understand how hypnosis would work because If I went to a hypnotist and when I woke up would the hypnotist have to put it in my mind that I was there for another reason?? IF not wouldnt you wake up and remember that you are there to forget about breathing so much and be right back in the same place???? I dont know but Im losing my mind with all this. I hope it ends soon.

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