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Hi Luckyfemale,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having bad feelings about taking your medication. I hope after taking it for a few days you will feel more relaxed. Although, you are a little nerves about taking your medication it still seem like you are doing much better. At one point I felt the same way about taking my medication. I couldn't tell if the medication was making me sick or if I was making myself sick with the thought of being sick from the medication (my anxiety medication that is). Well, one day I decided I was going to take my anxiety medication for about two weeks and see how I felt after it got in my system. (I though the medication was making me dizzy, sick, etc) Than I decided to stop taking it for the next two weeks to do a comparison in how I felt mentally, emotionally, and physically. During, the two weeks I had stop taking the medication I noticed I had more anxiety symptoms and attacks. I started back taking my medication a little longer and stop again because I still wasn't comfortable or convinced with taking the medication. I was having anxiety that the medication might cause me to be addicted, I should not need medication to be my normal self, the medication might cause side effect and etc. After, several bad anxiety attacks I decided that sense the medication did make me feel better and I had fewer anxiety attacks. It only made since to take the medication. The more consistent I was in taking the medication the better I felt and the fewer anxiety attacks I had. I also had to change my thinking and association with negative things and people (which includes the wrong type of food). Now I'm doing much better and I haven't had an anxiety attack in a while. I haven't had any problems with acid reflux in a while either. Every since I been taking my medication regularly, start watching what I eat, exercising, and thinking positively. I have had feeling of frustration, irritation, confusing, and etc, but I have come up with ways for me to deal with those negative emotions before an anxiety attack can kick in. Some days it is more difficult than others to control these negative emotions, but with my determination to fight for peace I always calm down. Things get better and easier each time I'm able to control my emotions and thoughts. I realized that medication alone wasn't going to help me overcome anxiety. I had to change my thinking, which helps me to control my emotions. Also, it helps to have great doctors who are supportive and encouraging. My primary care doctor, my therapist, and my psychiatrist goal is to take me off the medication. They listen to me and work with me to meet my needs of overcoming anxiety. Knowing that I have supportive people working with me helps me to believe in myself. It also helps me to trust them, trust their advice and decisions they make concerning my situation. Well, I hope this post was informative and will help you feel better about taking your medication. If you don't trust that your doctor will prescribe you the correct medication than I don't think that's the doctor to meet your needs. Remember Luckfemale, there is only one doctor that will meet all your needs, so pray in Jesus name that God direct you to a doctor that will meet your needs. Also, that God will take control over your mind, so that you can get control over unnecessary fears, frustrations, doubts and worries. Because if you don't change your thinking, there is no need to change doctors. You will still have fear of taking medication. God Bless you, so you don't have anything to worry about. Have a Bless Day. Check with U Later.

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