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[QUOTE=JJCHEEK]What kind of side effects did you experience with natural meds. I thought with natural meds, there were no harmful side effects like chemicals. Im just like you, my body is extremely sensitive to meds, im not going to attempt any natural meds since you had side effects. Im almost positve I would have a hard time with it to. When did they test you for mono/ebv. I had a friend who had flu like symptoms and they tested her for mono and it came back negative. I cant remember how many times she was tested for mono but the last test they did on her for mono came back positive. The doctor told her that it was common for mono/ebv tests to come back negative even though a person does have the virus. The virus has to have time to show up in the blood. Something like that.[/QUOTE]

It is a common myth that so-called "natural medications/herbs" are completely safe because they are natural. The truth is, natural substances can be just as dangerous as prescription drugs. Take herbs for example, when you ingest something like St John's Wort for depression, what makes it effective are the presence of naturally occuring chemicals in the herb that effect serotonin levels...not the herb itself. Therefore, overdosing on an herb like this could cause tremendous side effects and quite possibly serotonin syndrome (a state of serotonin overload in the brain that causes panic, dizzyness, nausea, diarrhea, and mental confusion that may require hospitalization).

If you are as sensitive as I am, you should be careful about trying new things, especially if they effect the nervous system in any way. The nervous system seems to be particularly sensitive when we are sick like this so its a good idea to not attempt to mess with it too much. For some reason, in my mind, I need to know that I've tried everything and at least see if I can tolerate some things. I have a pretty bad case of medication sensitivity so I haven't been able to tolerate much of anything thats been useful to me.

I had a discussion with a patient a couple of weeks ago that had a lot of the same sensitivities as me when it came to taking SSRI's like Zoloft and Paxil, but she was able to tolerate Wellbutrin just fine and it seemed to help her quite a bit. So in the end, trial and error can be a good thing if you have a physician monitoring you properly.

As for my Mono/EBV test, I had this test performed about a week or so after I came down with flu-like symptoms and was so tired and bedridden I could barely make it to the lab. The test did come back negative and I was quite surprised by that but I had to except it. Even if it showed positive, there wasn't much they could do about it just have to wait until the virus runs its course.

Since I never really recovered from that flu, my doctors tried to find a lot of other possible infections and I did show a positive Lyme Antibody test through an ELISA/Western Blot. We attempted two 6 week courses of antibiotics back to back and it didn't help one bit. Turns out that those antibodies could have been there since I was a child...who knows? It was worth a shot even if it didn't pan out.

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