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ARRGGHH! I know what you mean. What has helped me tremendously is the Xanax XR (extended release), you can start with a .5MG in the morning. Also, I take 2.5 MG of Prozac (liquid form) at night and everything is normal. I know it's a long road...I'm extremely sensitive to side effects....hence the low dose of prozac...I started at 2 drops a night! Bottom line is that I have been able to slowly taper the Xanax because of the anti-anxiety effects of the Prozac. I've gone from 1.5 Xanax to 1.0 and in the next few weeks will taper to the .5 Xanax...just letting you know what worked for me because I too had that constant jittery, anxious feeling and thats' no way to live. At first I was suspect of Prozac's effect on anxiety because I did try it at the standard 20mg dose for weeks and I felt even worse (panic attacks etc.) I have learned that this amount was an overdose for me. The devil is in the's either a poison or a godsend. Don't give up and don't stress about the Xanax...myself and others are living proof that taking this (yes even long term) will NOT put you on Skid Row!

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