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Lorazepam ??
Mar 14, 2005
Hello I have posted before, with amazing support from everyone.
I was wondering what people knew about lorazepam. I do believe i have post-traumatic stress so any advice on couping with that would eb great too
thank you all
Re: Lorazepam ??
Mar 14, 2005
Hi i am a 30 year old f diagnosed with gad sad and ptsd......i have been taking ativan for over a year and i love it........i also take effexor xr and lexapro. the ativan makes it where i can at least get out some. any others?
Re: Lorazepam ??
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Everyone,
I was given Lorazepam (Ativan) for anxiety related to an inner ear disorder. I am taking .5mg twice daily now for about 8 months. It is addicting! I find if I forget to take a dose or feel I don't need it, I get a headache, feel dizzy and sick.
I feel really great when taking it. No dizzies, no anxiety or panic attacks either. The only thing I don't like about it is increased depression and lack of interest in everything I used to enjoy. For this reason, I am tapering off of it to see how I feel. I think the inner ear problem has resolved. You can't stop this drug cold turkey. Be careful taking this. You can get addicted to lorazepam in a few weeks time.
I am curious. How much are most of you taking? Do you ever feel that you need to take more? Some people build up a tolerance for it and keep having to increase their dose. Thankfully, that never happend to me.... I have met many people that have been on this type of medication for 15-20 years with no ill effects.

Cheers to all,
Re: Lorazepam ??
Mar 14, 2005
I've only been on it for 3 days now
day 1: one .5mg before bed
day 2: one .5mg before bed
day 3: one .5mg during the day, one at night
day4: (today) one .5mg during the day
should i stick to one a day i really don't want to become dependant on it
i did notice the next day after my first dose i had a terrible headache
i'm torn whether to keep taking it or not. I has helped my anxiety a lot since i have 2 more stressful months ahead i'm not sure what to do?
Re: Lorazepam ??
Mar 15, 2005
I have been on Lorsapam (ativan ) for 6 years for my anxiety / panic attacks.
I take 2 to 4 mg's nightly if I get an attack coming on. My attacks usually come on in the evening hours for some reason. I get nervous , pace the floor , heart speeds up and I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin I get so wierd feeling.
Other wise I take 1 mg. at bedtime just so I can get a nights sleep.
If I don't take any Lorsapam at all , then I get to feeling like an attack will come on.
Re: Lorazepam ??
Mar 15, 2005
I have been takeing this med for about 1 year and started on .25 and was taking that only 2 times a day then three then it was not doing anything for me so I was taking 2 at a time three times a day and now they upped my dose to .5 and I take that three times a day and I sure no when my next dose is needed as I get very shakey and dizzy. I no I am addicted but it beats the feelings that I used to have without it

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