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Anxiety and MCS
Mar 15, 2005
I've been living with anxiety for as long as I started showing symptoms of fibromyalgia, food allergies, and multiple chemical sensitivities. I'm wondering how many of you have been diagnosed with either disorder and when the onset of either fibromyalgia and/or MCS and/or food allergies occurred. After reading several postings, I see many members of this board are like me. Many symptoms -- ears ringing, poor circulation in the hands and feet, etc., -- can sometimes be due to multiple chemical sensitivities or food allergies.

By using a rare, non-main-stream medicine allergy testing (sublingual drops) we were actually able to see what foods caused certain allergic reactions. The real mind-blower was to find out that CORN brought on severe panic attack-like allergic symptoms, in addition to carbon waste (car exhaust) and certain chemicals used primarily in perfumes.

While I'm still on Paxil CR, I have had virtually zilch for panic attacks since I started avoiding corn. I plan to cut out Paxil CR soon. My DO believes that we may be able to alleviate my panic through a combination of vitamins. Here's hoping! My hubby and I want to conceive soon and Paxil really isn't the safest thing for unborn babies.

I know of a few clinics that perform sublingual drop testing. Maybe the cure for some anxiety may not be what is or isn't going on in our brains, but perhaps the foods or chemicals we do or don't come into contact with. [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] I'll keep in touch with my attempt to go off the evil Paxil :) and the vitamin treatment. Hopefully, I'll be getting my sex drive back soon! :jester:


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