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Well, it's possible that it is just panic attacks brought on by the fact that you are so worried. Lightheadedness can be caused by so many different things....low blood pressure, blood sugar, stress, dehydration, etc. If you have ringing ears with the dizziness, you might want to ask your doctor about 'vertigo'....its a condition of the inner ear. Either way, I would go to your doctor to get checked out. If nothing else, you will feel better if he tells you it is nothing. If you are concerned about a brain tumor, ask him for a cat scan if he doesn't already suggest one. You mention that you don't get these symptoms if you are involved in an activity....this makes me think that it is more likely to be panic or anxiety and you aren't getting the symptoms at that time because your mind is on other things. Has something happened recently that has made you feel more anxious? Maybe try to figure out if something is bothering you...but go to your doc. You'll feel better! Hope this helps! Lil'Pea :)

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