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Performance Anxiety
Mar 25, 2005
Hello, I have social phobia/performance anxiety and was recently put on question is...would it be ok to be on a Benzo like Xanax and get CBT for this type of disorder instead of an SSRI? What is better? The Zoloft hasnt seem to do much besides me not being able to sleep (normally I sleep very well) my prescription info handout it states to contact the doctor immedietly if trouble sleeping occurs....I am not sure if I should continue taking it (maybe it is normal?) or stop and try to get something I can take more on an "as needed" basis....I am not too anxoius when it comes to my normal school/work schedule...its just certain things like dating, driving other people around (I am fine alone), giving speeches, eating out sometimes, and going on vacations...other than that I am not too anxious so Im not sure if an SSRI or Benzo is better....please help if you can!

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