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The beginning of February this year, I "for no apparant reason" and all of a split second lost the hearing in my right ear! After going to the ENT a few days later, I was diagnosed with "Sudden Hearing Loss". At the time, the hearing test showed I had a loss of 85db (the human ear takes in a total of 95db) so I was almost deaf! I've had massive anxiety and panic attacks from the onset of this thing, where as I've been taking a (.5mg) dose of Xanax to get me to sleep every night.
Although it does'nt keep me asleep for more then two to three hours at a time, then I'm up either trying to fall back to sleep again, or need to take a quarter or half dose of the (.5mg) pill. I've been supplementing this with two or three Valerian root capsules. I had an MRI which came back with no problem. The doctor feels I just got a viral infection on the Auditory nerve. I was on Prednisone for ten days after the onset of this and got a little hearing back by time I was off the steroid.
Since then, I recently had another hearing test and seems I've regained a nice amount of hearing since the beginning but things still sound muffled, low and dull, so I have a ways to go. I have the tinnitus which varies from day to day. The most annoying and concerning symptom which has gotten worse as the hearing has improved some, is a distortion in my voice and peoples voices when talking anything above a low level. Sounds like a cheap radio stuck between stations. Kind of like a doubled, electronically synthesized sound.
My worry is even though I'm on a relatively small dose of the Xanax for a short time,, that I'm becoming physically dependant on it to sleep!
I don't want to get into the "drug regime" syndrome and keep trying different pills with their side effects and dependancy or weaning on and off programs, it's enough that I'm on the Xanax for two months for sleep! Although I spend all day and night from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep, fighting horrible anxiety,, I'm afraid to get hooked into more drugs. The other night for the first time in TWO MONTHS for no apparant reason I felt calm. I decided I was going to go to sleep without taking the Xanax (felt for the first time since I started that I did'nt need it). Well after laying in bed waiting to fall asleep, even though I was still up over an hour later, I still was'nt stressed out. I finally felt drowsy and my eyes started closing. Just then I felt like a jolt which snapped me out of the near falling asleep state! This happened a couple more times within a half hour, but then I finally did fall asleep. The only problem is, according to the last time I looked at the clock, I only slept for about 45 minutes!!
It was then I started getting all jittery, realizing my body won't fall asleep without the Xanax! So, I got up, took my pill and shortly after fell asleep. Although, I woke up only three and a half hours later (Xanax's famous short time limit)! Now I'm worried that although it seems I'm not mentally addicted to the drug (otherwise I would'nt have gone to bed without it) it seems my body won't sleep without it, therefore,, am I already physically dependant on it? I don't want to feel I have to take it if I'm not nervous or anxious, but also don't want to worry that if I don't take it,, I WON'T SLEEP!
Would welcome any suggestions or similar circumstances.

My BEST WISHES go out to ALL!


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