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Hi Sarah5432, glad you found these boards. I too find that they are extremely beneficial and also a great support system, people are just fantastic here. In many ways it is a comfort to me that other people go through anxiety and depression just like I do because I realize I am far from alone in any of this --and at the same time I know how terribly hard it is to deal with this stuff personally. Your story sounds much like mine, tests were done etc. etc. I too took Nexium, but it did work well for me. My question is this, are you taking your Nexium 1 hour before you have your first meal in the morning? This makes a huge difference and also it took a while for me to get benefits from took a few weeks before I felt great relief. If Nexium does not work for you after a few weeks there is also Protonix (it is another type of Proton Pump Inhibitor)--you may want to ask your doctor about this. Sometimes finding the right medication for you is through trial and error. The symptoms you have described, can be caused from GERD, or Acid Reflux. As well sometimes the stomach problems and sensations can bring on feelings of anxiety. That is a possibility. Its hard to know what comes first...anxiety and stomach trouble, or the stomach trouble then anxiety. Also you mentioned being concerned about taking Xanax daily, or when you feel you may not need it. Good thinking, because Xanax can become addicting after some time and some people build up a tolerance (after some time of taking it...weeks years..etc) it depends on each person specifically. Some people do not feel that they develop any addictiveness to the drug. But since it is a benzodiazapine you can build a tolerance to it. You may want to take it only if you feel an anxiety attack coming on--if not you do not have to take it. You can skip a couple days if you want. Xanax is an Anxiolotic. On the other hand if you were taking something like Zoloft or Lexapro, they are antidepressants and they work differently--you would not want to miss a dose on those. But Xanax, you do not have to take it like a daily regimine. Dont worry about your doctors not getting back to you on this, just take your Xanax if you feel that anxiety attack coming on. As well, do not take more than your doctor prescribed, but it is ok to take it less than was prescribed.
Have you considered taking antidepressants? Celexa, Lexapro and Zoloft are said to do well in balancing out anxiety. Me, I am going back to Lexapro because I found that it was really helpful for anxiety. Unlike Xanax...meds like the Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft meds can take a few weeks or a month to be built up in your system enough before they do work in your favor. Also upon beginning the antidepressant some people feel a little more anxious or jittery than usual (some people notice nothing much), and then it all tends to balance out well after continueing taking it. SSRI's are fairly safe though, and that is why I choose this route. Right now I do keep Ativan on hand (its a benzodiazapine somewhat like Xanax) and I only use it for emergency panic attacks. Thanks for letting me share a little about my experiences I hope I was somewhat a little bit helpful.
truly, Woodfaery

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