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Hi Sarah,

I'm glad I found this post - I'm on holiday right now! And through all my worries I have only had ONE major panic attack in the 5 days I've been here so far!

I think you'll be absolutely fine. My fear of holidaying/flying began two years ago where I had a monster panic attack on my way back from a holiday. From then on in I was fearful of everything about going on holiday. Little did I know then it was ME who connected the panic attack to the PLANE and made the association and thus generated my fear.

The next year, a holiday for Bermuda was booked and I was extremely close to not going, I was in tears the night before I was so afraid. I did everything in my power to make myself comfortable for the flight (water, chewing gum and chocolate are things that help me, along with the normal distractions - music, magazines, books etc) and I succeeded. Sure I had panic attacks, but as long as you accept them and don't let them get you down, you can actually have a very good time!! Take with you everything that makes you comfortable and has the slightest chance of helping you. I'm not sure about med interactions because I don't take meds, but I use Bach's from time to time. This holiday, I have it sitting in my pocket all the time and I haven't reached for it once. A way to help yourself is to say "If I don't feel ok in five minutes, I'll take the med then" and keep doing that. Often, by the time you keep saying it, the panic has eased up a bit. Flying is not a dangerous mode of transport at all!

I recommend you express your fears to one of the people you are going with to make sure they know it isn't easy for you and you might need their help sometimes. I noticed you said you'll need xanax everyday - Try to think positively! You are setting yourself up to panic everyday because you expect it. Fill yourself with confidence that you will be ok, and anything that comes your way - tell yourself you can handle it, because you can! You will definitely not drop dead from anxiety, it is impossible! Remember, anxiety was originally designed (on evolutionary terms) to PROTECT us from danger rather than harm us!

I hope you have a GREAT holiday!

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