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I have been suffering with anxiety for a while now and one of my main problems is a high heart rate. Many times I will find my heart jumps up to over 120 while resting and get extremely anxious. After a series of completely clean blood tests and x-rays it was becoming less common and I was starting to accept that my heart rate was caused by anxiety, and even if it wasnt, an infrequent 120 heart rate isnt that much of medical emergency.

However, just now I went to bed and can remember several dreams all within a short space of time, in between short periods of waking up. The final one involved me running a business that was failing, I started to get anxious in my dream and could hear my heart rate, it started fairly slow, then each beat doubled and my heart got faster and faster until it felt like it was about to explode, at this point even though I wasnt fully awake my mind was no longer in the dream and I honestly thought I was going to die, I even managed to all out my girlfriend's name and felt this wave of pain wash right over me. Then i woke up fully and my heart was suddenly normal again.

As somebody who worried most when I was going to bed this has obviously done me alot of damage, and I'm still not sure if I was dreaming my heart rate (which is what I hope) or if my heart really did go that fast (which my anxiety is telling me).

As of now my heart rate is normal, and there is no pain of any sort, but I can't help feeling that my heart just did somethng it wasnt supposed to, and that this will happen again.

Any help or opinions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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