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i get this all the time... especially when im driving on the highway... i sit there, and observe my breathing.. sometimes i even get confused about "was that an inhale or an exhale? what if i get confused and cant breathe?!"

the thing that helps me... is realize this... if you were to hyperventilate and pass out, your body would regulate itself and your breathing would return to normal... you cannot suffocate yourself by controlling your breathing...

something else that helps: if you take long deep breaths, you cant pass out... you cant hyperventilate... so get your breathing down slower... take controlled breaths... and TRY to relax...

when i tell my shrink about this he always asks me about probabilities... ive had this for 4 or 5 years, i havent passed out yet from it... i havent died in my sleep yet from it.. so what are the chances of that happening? zero.

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