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Well - I think I've read almost every thread on this website haha. And I havea few questions of my own, and hopefully I can get some replies. or atleast, I pray I do. It started about a month ago, in the beginning of March. I exercised fairly hard, in which I havent in a very long time - I happened to pinch a nerve, (thats what the doctor said anyhow). and I woke up at about 4am, to an arm that was completely numb of any feeling. I thought it was someone elses at the time actually. My immediate reaction was to flip out. and got very very anxious. but ended up going back to sleep. This though twas in the back of my mind ever since it happened, causing it to go numb even more. My worrying increased even more, so my numbness started to spread when I'd wake up. I'd start to wake up 2-3 times a night with numbness all over because I was so tense. My neck, scalp, face, lips, arms, pretty much everything. Which made me scared for my life. I looked up all my symptoms on the internet, and of course they never say "anxiety can cause these symptoms" they say "Brain Tumors, Spinal tumors, ALS, Heart Disease, CAncer, HIV" so of course, I flipped out. I've always had great health, but when the slightest thing went wrong. I'd get very very upset. soo I go to the hospital because I couldnt stop worrying, and I cried for a bit because I was so anxious and nervous about it. They diagnosed me with a pinched nerve as well. well, that's fine and dandy however, I didnt believe them. I forgot to mention that 2 days after i got numbness, My cousin was diagnosed with a brain tumor. so of course my first impression was "if she can get it, I can get it too" so I went to my family doctor -again-. I told him I was afraid of heart problems because I smoked for 2-3 years, but quit (I'm only 17). So he checked my heart beat, he said it was a little off, but he said he could tell its from being anxious. then I told him I was afraid of a brain tumor, so he checked my eye pressure, due to that shows one of the first symptoms, as well as headaches, which I didnt have often. And I said that I rather have x-rays on my chest, so he said he'd do that for me, to check for spinal tumors, or if there was anything wrong with my back. All looked normal he said, and he said He'd send it to more hospitals for me to see if anything else was wrong. so he had a few technicians look at it. Found nothing. I told him I was tired, and felt like i wasnt "real" - which made me further believe I had a brain tumor, or some other disease. So he did bloodwork to check my White blood cell count, and make sure there's nothing wrong with my health terminally. He also checked around my neck for nodules to see if I had a possible thyroid problem, or possibly to see if any of my other nodules were swolen for throat cancer, or anything else. found nothing again. and you'd think that'd be good enough for me. Wrong. Everything turned out fine, but that's not good enough for me. Not only did I make myself stay home from school for a week and a half, but I made my dad call the hospital to see if I could get a CAT Scan. My doctor wouldnt give me one, He said he was positive I was fine, and they listed me as a hypochondriac, and told me to look into behavioral therapy. Sure enough all my symptoms relate to anxiety. At first I had constant fatigue, numbness, really bad neck tension, and constantly didnt feel "real" or felt like no one liked me? It was weird, as if nothing mattered. which made me to think I had a brain tumor all over again. so I started waking up more occasionally during the night, 3-4 times a night actually. I went to a therapist a few times for my anxiety, and explained all the things im feeling can be caused by anxiety. the numbness in my arms, legs, scalp/head. Have gone away. my neck tension isnt there anymore, i feel less tension in it anyhow, but it was cracking quite a few days ago fairly bad, as well as my shoulders if I shrugged them up and down (my therapist said its from all the tension). The not feeling real thing is getting better, but there are times where I get agitated, or just plain tired. I dont sleep anywhere near as much as I use to, i could sleep 10-11 hours before, now I sleep maybe 6 or 7. and I'll wake up atleast once, and usually at the same time. (5:09). I had a really bad dizziness problem 2 weeks ago, which has stopped quite a bit, because I stopped worrying about it so much, but I get it ocassionally, which makes me feel like im going to either a) fall over. or b) faint. - but that has got MUCH better. what scares me now, muscle twitching. it started in my eyelid, and it'd twitch toward the corner. however, it's no longe rin my eyelid. It's always in my right arm, my tricep area - and it pulsates for a little bit. and stops. It's not painful what so ever. It just pulsates, and its annoying because I dont know what causes it, or where it came from. sometimes It'll switch down by my knee. or my butt. sometimes my back, or even my thigh. because of this constant twitching in my right arm, the joint near my elbow seems sore. I feel somewhat weak, but my grip is really strong, as well as my legs. What also has been bothering me is my eyes - this just recently happened, and im thinking it may be because of how much ive been on the computer. During spring break, I was on the computer 12-14 hours a day, everyday. for about 2 weeks. My eyes feel very dry sometimes, and other times constantly water. I wake up with a ton of "floaters" in my eyes. or "sleep" whichever yo uwant to call it. and they'll be somewhat bloodshot. I'm thinking eyestrain from the computer? or possibly just a new symptom of anxiety. My ears were bothering me the other day. i just always wanted to make them pop, i dont know why, Just something that made me feel better? It's weird. So My new symptoms are: dizziness sometimes, muscle twitching (the twitching is also underskin twitching, kind of looks like a bug is under my skin? it's weird to explain), eyes red/sore feeling, and that's about it. My symptoms have decreased majorly, and I actually talk to my friends, and I sing a lot more than what I use to. (I'm in choir, and I rarely did anything anymore because I was so sad and nervous about my symptoms). I just can't stop thinking about it. I'll be like "oh its anxiety" and then Im like, I dont want to say that and have it turn out be something serious, and totally regret talking myself it into being nothing. like I said, I was checked out 3 times, and was told there's nothing wrong. I havent taken any anxiety meds, and plain not to. i just really want some advice or insight, or someone to relate to :( please help ,me


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