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I have suffered from Anxiety and panic disorder since 1993. When I had my first Panic attack I had no idea what was going on with me. I felt like I was going to die. It took a while for them to find the right long term non addicting medication for me. The only thing that helped for immediate relief was Ativan and Ativan only. After trying SSRIs that didn't work for me back then they put me on a trycyclic antidepressant. They are the older kind and you have to be careful because the one side effect I did not know about was weight gain...a lot :) After about 6 weeks I felt better. I stayed on the ativan and the antidepressant for about a year while I went through counseling. I was slowly weaned off the Ativan and then I was able to tolerate Paxil. In 2002 I had my first Panic attack since 1994. I was so scared and my general anxiety was out the roof just sitting there and nagging me. I wasted no time going back to the docs. He changed me from Paxil to Effexor. I was put on 4MG of Ativan a day after numerous trips to the ER. I was also put on 1.5 mg of clonipan. 2 months ago I finally weaned off the ativan again and now I am weaning off the clonipan. I am still on the effexor and I am feeling much better. So thatís my drug therapy story. All I can say is please don't give up. I do not know what medicines you have tried but there is help and you can recover. Some people think there is a stigma with taking Antidepressants but I just tell them itís no different than taking medicine for high blood pressure or anything else for that matter. Anxiety and panic not only affect you mentally but physically as well. I wish you the best of luck.

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