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Apr 9, 2005
Well, Some days are terrific, other days not so great. My story is rather weird, and I never knew i really had anxiety until this past month. I did some very strenous exercise, I played basketball for 2 hours, and I havent exercised in probably about 3 years. I pinched a nerve in my back causing my left arm to go numb. because of this, I got extremely anxious and worried constantly. I've always been like that about my health. so that made my entire body go numb, i was so anxious about walking around and what not, but anxious to go to sleep. which is the worse haha. because id always wake up with horrible anxiety, numb scalp, head, lips, arms, legs. you name it, it was numb. because i stressed out so much, i had a ton of neck tension, so it felt raelly really tight, which made the muscles inflame somewhat. (the reason i got so anxious was because i looked up symptoms of arm numbness, and found 3 things. heart disease, stroke, and brain tumor, and i forgot to mention that my cousin got diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 days after my arm went numb.) I went to the doctors 3 times, and they told me over and over that it was a pinched nerve, and that the rest of the symptoms were anxiety related. so i pounded that into my head. that nothing was wrong, and it was just anxiety. but of course, i started to get scared agai nwhen more symptoms occured, so i had them do bloodtests, check for eye pressure, check my chest, and xray my spine/back. said everything was normal, and i just needed to relax. that still wasnt good enough for me, and asked for a Cat Scan, they wouldnt give me one because they were so sure it was just anxiety. i called the hospital myself and asked for an MRI or Cat Scan, they refused to see me, and said I should look into therapy for anxiety. so I took therapy 3-4 times. It helped a tremendous amount just talking with someone about it who explained it was normal. once my numbness went away, I obviously got new symptoms. I got dizzy a lot, and nothing felt real (i still get the dreamy thing, oh well). the dizziness, headaches, neck tension, numbness, crazy heartbeats all went away. now im left with my eyes feeling extremely sleepy, or muscle twitchings. dizziness sometimes, not very often though, but pretty much i just told myself its anxiety, and i mean, of course sometimes I think otherwise when i have a twitch for a few minutes, or my eyes feel like they're going to either a) fall out of my head lol. or b) shut. My best advice is to find a therapist. I suggest a Christian therapist - and try to do it without medication.

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