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I am a 28 year old male who recently quit a very heavy 2 year marijuana habit. Ive always smoked dope but the past 2 years since I quit drinking (I am also a sober alcoholic) I smoked dope like no tomorrow.

The first week I quit I felt good. But this second and third week have been hell. It started last week when I started getting "air hunger" and felt like I couldnt breathe all the time. This escalated into full blown panic attacks which landed me in 2 ER's in 2 days. They both said anxiety and one doc gave me a small script for ativan.

This is the longest I have EVER gone without some sort of substance in my body whether it be weed, booze, cigs, caffiene, etc (all of which I have now quit) since I was about 13 years old.

These ativans really help me to get over this anxiety and Im pretty sure that I will be ok in a few weeks once my body readjusts. When I quit booze I had similar anxiety but it went away in several days and didnt hang around this long. I also had a bad inhalant "trip" from huffing gasoline when I was 14 that gave me PTSS for about 2 years but I eventually got over it.

I plan on going to my regular doc and asking for a month or 2 script of these ativans to help me since they are working so good but I dont want to get hooked. I have been taking 2mg a day but today I only hope to take 1mg at night when the anxiety gets really bad because I know it will.

My dad takes 5mg of xanax a day and has been for the past 20 years and is severly hooked. My question is if I were to use ativan for say a month or a little more would I be facing serious withdrawls/addiction? I have been taking 1-2mg a day for about 4 days now and I havnet had any today and I dont know if its the anxiety coming back or if my body is craving ativan. all I know is that when I take one I can cope a LOT better with all this. When I take the medicaiton I am acutally able to sit down and focus on something for more than a minute or two. Also when I take the pill I dont obsess over my breathing as much which I feel like is turning into OCD.......

Like I said I fell so-so right now and want to avoid taking it but Im pretty sure Ill need it at least at night for several more weeks (HOPEFULLY much less) will I be a pill freak in a few weeks of use? I have researched this but get confilcting answers. Mabye someone on here with expiereince wiht the medication can give me some advice.

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