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I lost my mum to lung cancer with secondary brain tumours (she was 53) three years ago. Since then i have been to my gp with various concerns, i have thought i had a brain tumour, colon cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer and the latest is luekemia. I have periods of a few months were i am symptom free and then a little symptom will arise and things start flying around my head, i search for these symptoms on the internet (the worst thing to do i know). I was a happy carefree person before the death of my mum. Two months ago my father in law died from lung disease. This brought all the thoughts back of my mum and now i am constantly looking for synptoms. The doc just recently gave me Zoloft to try after a couple of months on Lofepremine, this drug gave me terrible constipation which led to piles. I am still waiting for the Zoloft to work. About five weeks ago i had a fall and broke my wrist, two days later i was covered from head to toe in hives. Ended up in ER with swollen tongue (very scary). Was given four days of steroids which cleared the hives but since i have had various rashes and itching. I am due to go on holiday in a little over a week, i really dont want to go in case something happens to me and i am not close to my doctor. I have been through so much this last couple of months, the holiday may even do some good. Sorry for the long post, just needed to rant!!!

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