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I am completely new to this whole thing...35 Year old male, no history of anxiety or health issues until my appendix ruptured last November. Got throught that ok but in late March while on a business trip got the heart palpitations and other symptoms that my Dr. has diagnosed as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It seems that I have begun to worry about everything, most my health. I have made some steps to change my lifestyle including, not smoking, eating healthier, taking vitamins, no cola's, etc... This new dr has seen me more times in the last two months than my old Dr did in 15 years. I have all these ailments that seem to come and go.. things like bone pains, muscle aches, chest aches, little bumps and stuff that I never noticed before. I thought I had colon cancer and went in for a colonoscopy(that was fun) and it turned out that I had an internal hemorrohoid and two ployps(hyperplastic). Anyways, got that out of the way.

Both my Dr's state I am fine, however, i am second guessing them. I feel great for a week or so after the visit, then I slip back into the same old though patterns. Lung cancer, throat cancer, diabetes, and so on. What the hell has happened to me? I use to not have time to worry about all this stuff.
Is it normal to fixate on one small ache or pain and turn it into a major life threatening event. I found a way to deal with the heavy heart beat thing that comes out of nowhere but it seems this health anxiety thing is self perpetuating. Anyone else in the same boat?

The dr. put me on effexor, after reading the side-effects I changed my mind. Why give up anxiety for all the other issues that may come with taking the meds.

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