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[QUOTE=bondgrll]Hi, No I am NOT sure I am ready to stop the Xanax because to be honest with you I feel fantastic. I just have a teeny tiny bit of uneasiness right when I wake up but it goes away after about 10 minutes. 3 weeks ago I tried to cut the Xanax in half (.5MG) but after about five days later I started feeling real anxious and weird, the Dr. said to go back to the regular dose because I was not at a high enough dose of the Prozac (like 6 drops!)to compensate for the Xanax taper. Actually, he said that once I have been on the 5MG (20 drops) of Prozac for 3-4 weeks, then I can attempt to taper the Xanax. You know, I just have this fear of benzos and I know that it's partially unfounded and they do help and I have not increased the dose. I just hate the idea of being on meds long term. But I feel SUPER otherwise. Thanks for your post. The cool thing about the Extended release is that there is no weird high or funny just feel like yourself...[/QUOTE]

I ahve been on Xanax but have now been on Klonopin for almost 9 years. No increase in dosage. I am pretty sure will be on this for life. BUT as long as it helps that is all that matters to me.
Do not be afraid of the Benzos! IF they are helping don't mess with it and also you are on a very low dose!

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