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It may be the Lex causing the jitters and nervousness, it did me that way at first, but it unbearable. Yes, tonight take a whole lex and half a paxil. Why not tomorrow night, take a whole Lex and 1/4 of a Paxil and then the next - no paxil. Sounds reasonable, still slowly decreasing your Paxil and get the full benefit of the Lex at the same time. I find myself today, unable to sit still for long. I feel like I have to be up and doing something constantly. My head feels weird today too, lots of pressure. But - I've been outside several times today and the pollen count here is really high, so I think maybe that is what is causing it because my ears are ringing too.... Unfortunately Memphis is the "allergy capitol of the world" the say... ugggg
Eh i wimped out, i did another day of half and far i dont have the constant anxiety but my head still feels pretty its somewhat better for the time being :)tonight i may do the same thing just take a little less paxil
Ill see how the day goes

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