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You are very welcome, Adam! I actually started feeling better within a couple of days. However, I didn't have extreme anxiety - just an "anxious feeling" all the time. Mine was more depression. The only time I had panic attacks was when I tried to drive on the expressway. I am sorry to hear that you are having so much problem with your anxiety. Have you tried herbal Kava Kava? I take it when I'm really nervous. It acts like a valium - but doesn't zonk you out. Just makes you feel calm. Now I'm leaving to go home from work - and hope the traffic isn't bad! Talk to you later, if you need to "vent" any more :wave:
Glad it's not just me! I have already lost a few pounds!!!
I am scared to take it at night for fear I will be up all night?
I hope the sick stomach passes soon.
Lets see
First I took Elavil Hated that!!!! Had severe allergic reaction, eye swelled shut, vilolent temper which is so not me just bad all the way around.
Next Zoloft same type of thing with mood but with this I got Hives all over my face.
I have taken Buspar and done well. Makes you real dizzy for about an hour. I still take that. Not sure why he wants me on both?
Tried Ativan knocked me out and valume more of the same. Great for night not so great for trying to be normal funcitoning human during the day.
For some reason I have bad reactions to these meds.
If it wasn't for these boards I would go insane! Nice to be able to talk to others who have experienced the Meds. and share advice.
As far as sex..... I am not the least bit interested since on this? Dr. asked me "should I call and talk to your husband and warn him about the lack of libido"! Can't win for losing.

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