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Okay, friends. I have been taking lexapro 10mg for the last week. It has done wonders for my anxiety and insomnia! I take it at night before bed. The only problem is I am so tired during the day! I believe being tired is making me hungry all the time and not getting exercise. I don't have any energy to exercise. The anxiety is gone, but what do I do now? I also don't feel like going anywhere or doing much. Will this go away with time or should I give up and just try exercise and alprazolam as needed for my anxiety? Please respond.....I am so tired of this rollercoaster ride of ad's!
Anyone have any advice?
ask a pharmacist but as far as I know the lexapro dose range is 10 to 20 so its doubtful that a smaller dose would work
also it sounds like you are mostly just getting a placebo effect as these antidepressant meds seldom work so quickly, you could perhaps halve the dose for a couple of weeks to see what happens
IMO an antidepressant such as lexapro, if working properly, will help more than alprazolam so stay with it if you can
gentle exercise and long walks always help
I remember reading somewhere that lexapro is fast-acting, and you can get windows within a week. I have also heard of it working at less than 10 mg. For me, 10 mg worked at times within a week or two, and really well at 3-4 weeks to control my anxiety.

Unfortunately, I became too fatigued after a couple of months to continue. I wonder what would have happened if I'd halved the dose or stayed with it longer? The fatigue goes away for many {lucky} people!.
I have a bottle of lexapro sitting right in front of me....Im currently on 10mg of paxil and having a good deal of just hesitant to take it. My doc said to just take the 10mg of lex and not the paxil. Im worried about side effects of paxil if i just switch to lex, just like that. A week sounds good, but the fatigue doesnt....i don know what to do

Adam, how long have you been on the paxil? I think the dr. would have told you if it wasn't safe to just switch like that. I have switched from effexor and zoloft before without weaning. It is worth a try if the paxil is not working for you. I have to wonder like guniepig if just taking a smaller dose would help. I was given 20mg and have been breaking those in half for the 10mg. I guess I could break it into quarters for 5mg! The lexapro really does work for me....I wonder if anyone else has taken it and found that the tiredness goes away with time. I don't know if the lexapro is making me hungry or the fatigue is making me lazy and make the wrong choices.
I am new to AD's and Lexapro is the first one I have been on, and barely over a month. It worked for me in just a matter of a few days! I was depressed and anxious, and it helped both tremendously. I did not feel tired, if anything, I had more energy at first. I haven't had trouble with being hungry either. I felt kind of "antsy" at first, but that has gone away. I am on 10 mg. I tried going down to 5mg, but I didn't feel as well, so I went back to 10 mg after a few days. So far only one side affect - orgasm problems (yuck)! Trying to find a way to overcome that. Anyone have any suggestions?
Oops! I forgot that side effect also! Looking for suggestions on that one myself. I definately believe the lex can get in your system faster than most ads. I am glad you are having success without the fatigue or hunger. Wish I could say the same.
[QUOTE=americandancer]Adam, how long have you been on the paxil? I think the dr. would have told you if it wasn't safe to just switch like that. I have switched from effexor and zoloft before without weaning. It is worth a try if the paxil is not working for you. I have to wonder like guniepig if just taking a smaller dose would help. I was given 20mg and have been breaking those in half for the 10mg. I guess I could break it into quarters for 5mg! The lexapro really does work for me....I wonder if anyone else has taken it and found that the tiredness goes away with time. I don't know if the lexapro is making me hungry or the fatigue is making me lazy and make the wrong choices.[/QUOTE]

Ive been on paxil 10mg for about 5 years, was at 20 for a while but the insomnia and dreams sucked. Ive had breakthrough anxiety lately and the doc (my general doctor) wants me to go from the paxil to 10mg lex. he said to just switch. Im afraid of the side effect of switching, or is there any? : )
I've never taken paxil and you have been on it for a long time. I was not on the effexor or the zoloft but just a few weeks to a month.....I don't know. How much do you trust your dr? I would hope he would know what he was talking about. If the paxil is not working, it is worth trying the lexapro and giving it a chance. It might not make you tired...that could just be the way it does me. Others have said they have not had any fatigue. You could just call your dr and have him clarify to you exactly what to expect when you switch and how long any effects might last. That's what I would do. Good luck and let me know what you decide.
Adam, I think you will get better benefits from Lexapro than the Paxil. It is supposed to be superior to Paxil, and is one isonomar of Celexa, the good part without some of Celexa's side affects. It is stronger than Celexa, so it takes less. From asking around at work, different meds work for different people, and maybe Paxil isn't the right choice for you. My husband has been on AD's for about 9 years now and on several different ones. He tried Wellbutrin and it turned him into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He had mood swings really bad, and got really mean. I told his psychiatrist to take him off that! He started on Prozac recently and doing very well with it. Good luck! Do call your doc and clarify things, though.
My problem is that my doc is my GP, whos trying to help me out. I dont have a psych to go to but im thinking about it. I dont think he even knows the withdrawal problems from paxil. Im just worried that switching directly to another will hurt me. Im so terrified of side effects. But from what it sounds like, lex works in a matter of days to a week. I read the label and steady state concentrations in the blood take a week, so maybe i wont even know the difference from stoping paxil. since they are both ssri's maybe its one in the same...i hope so. Maybe ill start it on a saturday so i have a weekend to see how i feel ...
That sounds like a good idea. If you feel a bit bad, at least it will be over the weekend. My GYN gave me mine, so I've gotten most of my advice from friends that take it and also from reading on the internet about it and also asking the pharmacist. Also, after years of going through all the med changes with my hubby, I have learned quite a bit too. He tried Paxcil CR for about a week or so, but it zonked him out and then they put him on the Prozac. He's been on so many different meds, it would make your head spin. But, I think he's at his best at this moment in time, and I am thankful. If you seriously have depression and/or anxiety - you really do need to be treated by a psychiatrist if you aren't being helped successfully by the GP.
For me, the side effects of Lexapro are serious nausea (still, after 3 months) and a little bit of anxiety at times. Instead of upping my dose to 20 (I'm taking 10 now), my psych. said to try Remeron. That's when the unbelievable fatigue and hunger started. I never seem to feel full anymore and I'm constantly thinking about what I'll eat at the next meal. Also, I haven't been hearing my son call for me in the morning until he's really screaming and upset. That has never happened to me before.

The doctor told me to taper off then stop the Remeron and we'll talk about maybe something else at our next visit.
Yeah I was thinking about it.

From what Ive heard of lex so far it looks like its gonna be good. I actually have a friend that works for a place called advanced behavioral health. Lots of psychs work there, and she knows a few personally. She asked one of them about my situation with the paxil and lex, and he said it was a good question and he would consult with a few of his collegues and let her know what they think, so at least i can get a good dr opinion on it. I just want to know what to expect before i jump into it...anything that messes with my melon worries me a little, expeciallu since i havent had a problem in years. Guess that what getting a new stressful job does to you :) :bouncing: :bouncing: :eek:

I have heard alot about Remeron making you very hungry and making you gain weight. Also, it seems like you feel hung over the whole next day too. I haven't heard anything good about it either. Good choice on your part to get off of it.
Adam, that's a good idea to get their opinions. I am sure they can shed alot of helpful insight on the different meds for you. I wish you luck, whatever route you decide to go!
The route to feeling like i used to i hope ;) Thanks for reading - feels better to vent :) :D
I take Lexapro 10 mg and I had been on it for about 2 months and was not hungry at all, I stopped for about a month and then got back on it again. Currently, I am sick to my stomach and the last thing I want is food. I am starting to be able to relax a bit though. My anxiety level is starting to calm down. Not gone yet.
Adam, I was thinking maybe since you are worried about switching from the Paxil to the Lex, why not cut down to half of the Paxil for a couple of days, then down to a fourth, and then start on the Lex, so the Paxil is pretty much out of your system. You can do this before the weekend and have the full benefit of the Lexapro in your system. This might be a better approach. I am going with my hubby to his new psyc today, and I will ask him how you should do the switchover and let you know what he says.

hbannie, do you think the nausea is from the Lexapro? I had it at first, when I was taking it at night, and switched to mornings and it was better on my stomach. Now, I'm back to taking it at night with a snack, and doing fine with it. I've only been on it a little over a month and doing great (only sexual sideaffects). Which is a biggie for me, but I have read of some supplements to try and going to see if that helps.
Wow that would be great, if you could get your doc's opinion on it I'll do your housework for a month :)

I just want to minimize anymore anxiety and make sure i can make it to work and be productive :) i cant afford to miss days at this darn job, too much work....
I will get back to you on that today. Hey - do you clean carpets? I would take you up on the housework - I HATE housework. But, if the Lex works as well for you as it does me, you will start feeling the aniety going away very soon, and be much more productive at work. I know I am. It was very hard to concentrate on anything before, but I am finding it easier now.
I can understand that totally. I started having an attack yesterday morning, all i could do was sit here and figgit around. Couldnt sit and do any work, i was too antsey and i started getting very dizzy. Took a little bit of ativan and it curbed it for a few hours till i got home. It really sucks living like this...
I think most of the SSRI's do make you tired. Paxil was the worst for me. I took Lexapro also and I still felt tired, but not as much. You might ask your doctor about adding some Wellbutrin to the Lexapro. Wellbutrin gives you energy and also helps with your sex drives. That combo worked great for me!
Gee's if i cant have sex, that will really make me depressed *grin* :D
greeneyes, what dosage of wellbutrin and lexapro are you taking? I know you said the wellbutrin helps with the fatigue, but have you had any increase in appetite from the lexapro? My gyn had given me 300mg wellbutrin xl about a year ago....not for me, as I am too anxious. I wonder if my gp would agree to the lex and wellbutrin combo. Did you have anxiety issues also when you started taking this combo?
Hi Everyone - interesting the turn this thread has taken. I just got from the Psyshiatrist with my hubby. I asked him about what can be done about the sexual side affects I was having with the Lexapro (or anything SSRI for that matter) and he mentioned adding Wellbutrin with it to help with that - or switching completely to Wellbutrin. I do not know what to do though, because the Lexapro is working WONDERFULLY for me - except for this orgasm problem :rolleyes: I hate to mess around with my meds when this is helping me so much. He also mentioned Cymbalta was a better one with less sexual side affects. Any one tried either of these?

Adam - I asked him about doing the switch over and he said that he tells his patients to go to half strength on both meds for three days, then the fourth day - so full strength with the new one. I understand your concern about the sexual side affects - as that is depressing me too :eek: I have got to find a way to over come this, someway!!
Wellbutrin and Lexapro will not make you anxious together, but the Wellbutrin alone will. I think I was taking 150 to 200 of time release Wellbutrin; I can't remember now. But it was a great combo. A lot of doctors use Wellbutrin to augment SSRI's, especially to help with sexual side effects. Just check with your doctor; I'm sure he'll let you try it. IT's very common to combine the two.

I don't take antidepressants anymore, just a benzo to sleep. So far, I haven't had to increase the dosage, so don't think I will get addicted.

Anyway, good luck!!
Greeneyes, good for you! That's great that you aren't having to take them any longer. I hope to not have to stay on them forever, but if I do- I do!
Adam - I asked him about doing the switch over and he said that he tells his patients to go to half strength on both meds for three days, then the fourth day - so full strength with the new one. I understand your concern about the sexual side affects - as that is depressing me too :eek: I have got to find a way to over come this, someway!![/QUOTE]

Ok so I should try doing paxil 1/2 pill for 3 days and lexapro 1/2 a pill for 3 days, then just do the full lex on day 4? That doesnt sound too bad...i guess mixing the two wouldnt hurt? : )
Hey Adam, yep, you got it right - 1/2 of each pill (taken together) for 3 days and on the fourth - one whole Lex. Should ease the transition for you. I don't know what to do about my situation, I guess I will call my doc and see what he says. Thinking seriously about trying the Ginko Biloba to see if it works. It's supposed to have an 85% success rate, and I'm game to try something "natural" first rather than switching meds or combining two!
Thank you so much for asking. I will have to try that. Maybe ill wait until friday so i have the weekend to rest if i didnt feel good. How long did it take for the lex to work for you? I see people mention a week? In that case i guess it wouldnt make a difference what i did with the paxil haha...I so hope it helps me. Had another attack today and had to take some ativan to calm myself :(

Thank you so so so so so much!!!
You are very welcome, Adam! I actually started feeling better within a couple of days. However, I didn't have extreme anxiety - just an "anxious feeling" all the time. Mine was more depression. The only time I had panic attacks was when I tried to drive on the expressway. I am sorry to hear that you are having so much problem with your anxiety. Have you tried herbal Kava Kava? I take it when I'm really nervous. It acts like a valium - but doesn't zonk you out. Just makes you feel calm. Now I'm leaving to go home from work - and hope the traffic isn't bad! Talk to you later, if you need to "vent" any more :wave:
I do get that anxious feeling more often than not. I havent gone into a Panic run out of the house or building kind of feeling, but i have gotten jittery. For the longest time i had been on only the 10mg paxil, so i must not be to bad. I have been feeling more depressed lately too, so i think the change should be good. Luckily I keep a few ativan on me. if i feel the anxiety growing, i take a half or even a quarter of a mg, and sadly enough that curbs it from getting worse. The 12.5 CR to 10mg standard did make a big difference in me....sad huh?
I think I know the feeling you are talking about. I used to feel jittery, and sometimes it seemed like my insides were shaking or crawling (bad huh?). A lot of times I felt very anxious about everything, just "waiting" for something to happen - or not happen. It was a bad feeling, and I can tell you that it is 99% gone away. I only feel slightly anxious at times, and under really heavy stress. I used to nearly make myself sick over mistakes at work and I'd nearly throw up. Now, I can take it and go on. I am really hoping the Lex will do that for you too. Apparently the Paxil is not working for you, so it's smart of you to switch. I couldn't take Ativan - it knocks me out. If I ever take Xanax, it's the lowest strenth. I have some samples of the 12.5 CR here that my husband didn't take. Paxil knocked him out all the time, so they switched him to Prozac. I wish you good luck on the Lexapro, and don't be scared to switch over, it's going to be fine!
Adam...the lexapro worked almost right away for me. I think you will feel it before a week is up...Good luck! ~~~
Kelly, I know it had to be in my "head", but I swear I felt better in a couple of days too. Whether the placebo affect or not - I really did! I believe you stated in an earlier post that you were having the orgasm problems too, didn't you? Well, I am researching that and trying to find to cure. I bought some Ginko Biloba yesterday and am going to give that a try. Keep your fingers crossed, and I will let everyone know if it works!
Great! Let me know how it works for you! I love the lexapro and can deal with the fatigue, for now, but I am just so hungry all the time! Maybe it's all in my head. I skipped the lex the last few nights, and I am still hungry, so maybe it's not the lex after all.
I just started taking lex again and it is bad, I can't sleep. I have constant anxiety. haven't slept in two days. I feel very sick and out of it, I was on it for a long time about 6 months ago and when I started taking it I didn;t have any side effects like this, maybe because i went from prozac to lexapro. I can't do this right now, I have finals and need to finish this semester. I called my doc but he hasn't called back yet. I don't know what to do but I can't go another day without sleep. I can't miss another day of school.
any advice? :angel:
I still havent done it :) im so apprehensive about side effects! ugh...i wish i could just get my hand to put the 1/2's in my mouth!!!
Kelly, since you are still hungry, I really don't think it's the lex. I actually take Sudafed every day for my allergies, and it curbs my appetite really well. If you tend to be nervous, that might not work for you though. Also, that would give you more pep!

Carly, are you taking the Lex at night? If so, try it in the a.m. with food. I tried it at night at first and it kept me awake because of nausea. I switched to mornings, and I was fine. Now that I'm used to it I take it at night again and it helps me sleep better and doesn't make me sick any longer. Do you have any anxiety meds like Zanax or something like that? That should help until the lex is back in your system really good. If you don't, then try herbal Kava Kava, it works just as well. It just calms you, without any sedation. I love it!
how fatigued do you get? im trying to be more active, play basketball, go out with my friends, i hope im not bedridden :)
Adam, just do it! Don't worry about the side affects, it's going to be fine, I am sure. You really do have a problem with anxiety, don't you? I will really be curious to see how the lex works for you - full strength. I am really hoping you have a good experience with it. Now - count to 5 and put those two 1/2 pills in your mouth :bouncing:
Adam, I wasn't fatigued at all - if anything, more energy. I know several have said they were really tired on it, but I am glad to say that I haven't been that way at all. I don't have time to be tired! Got too much to do every day :eek:
[QUOTE=litthotwm]Adam, just do it! Don't worry about the side affects, it's going to be fine, I am sure. You really do have a problem with anxiety, don't you? I will really be curious to see how the lex works for you - full strength. I am really hoping you have a good experience with it. Now - count to 5 and put those two 1/2 pills in your mouth :bouncing:[/QUOTE]

Part of my problem is i look into things a little too much. Part of it has to do with the fact that last may, i was at 6 flags, went on a roller coaster for the first time, then two hours later, felt very weak and dizzy. Since then i havent felt right, i have this weird 'off' feeling. So i started thinking "I broke a blood vessel in my head' or so negative. went through summer and felt so so...sometimes i felt off, sometimes i was ok. then in the fall, i left my job for a new better one, with 1000% stress tho! After a couple sinus infections this fall and winter, and a bad case of bronchitis, AND being diagnosed with sleep apnea, for which i use a machine now (for a bout a month and a half), and not seeing my friends as much since theyre working and going to school at night, mix in some relationship issues, i walk around off balance every day, adjusting to a new way to sleep (with a mask) stressed from work and somewhat depressed. That about sums up my year :)

So everytime i dont feel right, which is most of the time, i think im dying or have some terminal illness. Mind you, ive had blood work at the end of feb, thyroid tests, etc, no infections or anything. BUt im still a nervous wreck, almost as if im sensitive to the most minute change in my body, which causes me to freak :)

Had to vent again :) :D

SO now im nervous about taking more medication, in fear that i will get MORE dizzy, or tired or whatever...its just so hard...
Oh Geez, Adam, you really have had a tough year! I feel for you. I admire you for even having the courage to get on a roller coaster! I'm deathly afraid of things like that, in fact, too scared to do alot of things that most people don't think twice about. I have heard about people thinking they have terrible illnesses, so you're not alone on that one. PLEASE take the two meds today and get started on what (hopefully) will be a whole new life for you. Think of it this way... you'll be halfway to being wholly better! think of it as a positive transition. If it works as well for you as it does me and others, you will truly feel like a new person. I didn't really realize how badly anxious and depressed I was until I was better. The feeling is like night and day. It's hard to describe - but I actually felt the tension inside my body all the time, it's like my insides were clenched up (weird, but that's how it felt) just SOOOO tense! On the lex, I feel calm, relaxed and most of all - HAPPY!! :bouncing:
yeah i know. oh i forgot to mention, my dog that ive had for about 10 years had to be put to sleep two weeks ago. Most of my anxiety really came back the night i went from the cr to the regular paxil. i think i've been on edge for the last year, the paxil must have been just keeping me from being like i am now. i know this sounds dumb, but i would actually feel better after a night of going out and having a few beers...

maybe ill try it. im not going to bed for a few hours, so maybe ill just take it and go to bed :) ha
Oh, that's terrible about your dog! We had ours put to sleep a few years ago and it was very traumatic. I cried for weeks, and my husband was really depressed. He would cry for months, so we finally got a new dog, which really helped alot. Now when she dies, it's going to really kill me. Oh, the Paxil and Paxil CR are a bit different. The CR is continuous release, so it's slowly released into your system. Yeah, I know about the feeling a few drinks would help, I often felt like that too! I will tell you this, on Lex, I can't drink much because the affects of alcohol are really intensified! One glass of wine knocks me . Do take your two meds, it will be fine. Take it now to start working, ok? Ok - I'm off to watch American Idol!! I'm hooked!! ha ha
american idol hehe you go girl :) :bouncing:
Try taking your Lexapro in the morning. Maybe that will help.
Yeah, the person I wanted voted off got it tonight and my guy is safe!! :bouncing: Adam, you know maybe you should wait until Friday night to start the 3-day transition, that way if you do feel weird, you won't be at work and have to deal with it. That's assuming that you don't have to work on the weekends..... :confused:
be careful with the lexapro, i was taking it for three months and became suicidal, i just didnt have the energy or will to do anything. When they say that it is just the placebo effect, dont believe it, the symtoms are real. It has taking me almost six months to come out of this depression, and Thank God I changed doctors!!!
How's it going, Adam? I hope you've taken the lexapro....sounds like it will work wonders for you. About the fatigue...don't even think about it. When I said I was tired, it is not like I can't get out of bed. I get a great night's sleep, go to work, run the kids around everywhere and then start over again. I am just not my hyper self, which is a good thing, because the hyperactivity was anxiety. So...I think my fatigue is actually calmness, which is a wonderful thing!
Hi All, well i sort of wimped out...I was laying in bed with the 1/2 pax and 1/2 lex in my hand....instead of taking that, i ended up taking 1 paxil and 1/4 of the lex...dumb huh? Then i got so worked up about it i couldnt sleep. pathetic? :D anyway, at least i took a little..tonight ill maybe do the same thing, then since tomorrow is friday, ill try the 1/2 and 1/2....i need a good slap in the face :bouncing:

Adam, I wondered what you would decide to do. Maybe you're doing the right thing. But - Friday night, be sure to the half and half for a couple of days. I hope it works so well for you that you forget what anxiety was. Maybe you will be a whole new person! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you! :D
When you had anxiety did it feel like your brain was being squeezed? I have felt like that and been quite hoping its just anxiety...ugh.

Yeah, maybe ill even 1/2 and 1/2 tonight, since tomorrow is friday...
Adam, when I had anxiety (when driving) I would feel like I was getting light headed, dizzy and was going to pass out. I got so scared, I would have to pull over and calm myself before I could continue. It was a scary feeling! I guess you could say it felt like my brain was being squeezed. UGG is right! Yeah, go on to the half of each tonight. You can do it - I know you can!!

I also noticed something else, ive had a flare up of ezcema the last few months (thanks mom for that gift at birth) which i hear can happen from anxiety. it all makes sense now!

Im 28 now. I cant wait to see myself in 10 years haha
Hopefully 10 years from now, you will think back to "now" and it will just seem like it happened to another person - becaue YOU will be another person, a much calmer person!
Ugh im starting to get that 'feeling' now.

Definitely taking 1/2 and 1/2 tonite
Do that, why not tomorrow night - take a whole Lex? I think that might be better for you, since you're having such a problem with anxiety? I think that will work better for you. What kind of work do you do? It sounds like your job may be really getting the best of you.

I went from sitting all day at a really easy computer programming job, to managing stock and stock option plans for a dozen different companies. So work is all about getting things done on time, deadlines, different things to do from different people, all of whom want it done right away lol
That sounds like a very demanding and stressful job. No wonder you are having anxiety issues! I have a fun job, but it can be very demanding also. I work for an Elevator Company (we manufacture elevators/escators) and I run the Company Store that services the whole US and beyond. I don't ship it all out - but oversee all the orders and do special orders for events - etc. I am a one-woman bad so to speak - but it's fun, challenging, but sometimes very hetic and stressful. There have been days that I felt like going to lunch have having a few drinks just to cope :eek: and I have spiked my coffee in the afternoons several times, lol... :o
Oops - I meant one woman band - not bad! ha ha
spiked coffee, nice!

My main concern is that the dizziness goes away. its been worse since the major attacks started when i switched from cr to regular. I just went to the store at lunch. as im walking around, i just get anxious, as if i really need to get outside, ever have that? Its even to the point that if i have to wait in line, i start to get really messed up. I hope the lex kills the dizziness.

I saw an ent who was sending me for an ENG test to check my balance system between my eyes and ears, but in order to do that i cant take my meds for 48 hours. I had to cancel, since at this point i cant be without it until im stable again...sheesh.
By the way. thanks for listening to me whine. Its nice to have someone to talk to. Its very difficult to get my friends to understand what im going though, they think that just because "its all in your head" that its not a big deal. i almost wish them to feel this for a week and see how they cope.

My ex girlfriend told me her friends husband is on lexapro and it worked great for him, so ive got my fingers crossed!
Lexapro keeps me up at night if I take it in the evening. If I take it first thing in the morning then I have no problems other than my vision is blurred some. I only take a 1/2 10mg tablet.
Hope taking it in the morning helps.
Coffee and Bailey's Irish Creme used to get me calmed down in real duress. I haven't done that in a long time! I do get anxious (or did) and do feel the need to get up and do something, can't sit still - but I didn't feel dizzy or anything. I used to be really stressed about money a few years ago and when I'd go to grocery and get in the checkout line and start feeling anxious and "sick". I think I was panicking because I didn't have much money to go around. You do need to check that dizzy problem with the ENT, but see if the Lex clears it up first. Give yourself a week to see if it is getting better. You should see some improvement during that time, if the dizziness is caused by anxiety.
Adam, I'm glad I can help with advice and just listening. Believe me, I know how it is to have someone you can talk to. Thankfully I have friends that have been through this same thing, and I could talk to them about it. It's a real lifeline, to know that you're NOT alone and there are others that can identify with your problems.

Skinnylegs - I am glad the .5 mg works for you. I tried going down to that, but I could tell that I didn't feel as calm on the lower dose, so after a few days I went back up to the 10 mg. Now on the weekends, I do cut back down to 5, just to try to minimize the sexual sideaffects I am having.
Does cutting down to 5mg on the weekends help the sexual side effects?
Kelly (right?), it didn't last weekend, but I had taken Sudafed also and although it felt GREAT!!!, I couldn't orgasm. I wore my poor hubby out, I'm afraid. I'm going to try the 5mg again this weekend and no sudafed and will see what happens. I'm curious, does it feel really good but you can't orgasm, or just no sensitivity at all? btw - my sex drive is still fine, didn't change that.
Yes, feels great, but can't orgasm. Actually, my desire had gone away when I was taking it, but the few days I skipped to see if it would help with the hunger problem, the desire came back full force! I don't want anyone to not take the lexapro because of what I am saying....I hope all side effects will go away in time.
Thanks for the advice, I was thinking to take it the morning too. My doc called last night and he said to stop the med for now. I didn't take it last night and slept well. My mext meeting with him is the 29th so I will suggest the morning.
:angel: Carly
Kelly, I hope the side affect goes away too, it is soooo frustrating! There were two reasons I hesitated to try AD's - weight gain and sexual problems. No weight gain, but definitely the sexual problems :eek:

Carley, good luck! Maybe trying it in the am like I did will work for you too :bouncing:
So -

A friend of mine who works at a behavioral health company was talking to a psychiatrist she knows there about my recent problems. He conferred with some of his peers and got back to her -

Apparently, he said the switch from Paxil CR to just Paxil can cause severe withdrawal which i am experiencing now. He compared it to someone that drank alcohol every day all day, then one day just drank a glass of water. There was a shock to my system when i suddenly stopped taking the CR which kept a steady dose of medication in me and just took one dose a day which gave it to me all at once.

He also suggested the same thing, take half of paxil and half the lexapro for a few days, then just take the lexapro. The anxiety, agitation and all that im experiencing is from the switch in paxils. He said (as many of you already did) that i will like the lexapro much more, and should have less side effects. The problems i have now should subside in a week or two and i should hopefully be back to normal.

He is also giving me a couple names of some psychs in my local area that he knows, and will give me a refferal if i need one. He said i really need to see one. Right now my internal medicine doctor, who also takes care of my general health was prescribing this stuff to me. He compared that to me seeing a shrink to get blood pressure medication.

So tonight ill do the half and half and not wimp out and take 1/4 pill haha. I just need to get this feeling out of me. right now i feel all nervous..hope tomorrow is better.

when will this nightmare finally end lol


Adam, this is great news to know what is causing the severe anxiety. They are right though - a psyc would have known the danger of that happening in the switch. I am sorry you're having to go through all of this. But it has to help just knowing the cause. [B]Please[/B] do the halfs of each tonight, and Sunday do the whole Lexapro. I am sure that you will find your self feeling much better by this time next week. You definitely have something to look forward to! :bouncing: Yeah!!
haha yeah, i do have something to look forward to...explaining to the gf why i cant O hahahaha jk :bouncing:
Maybe it won't be that way for you. On lots of guys, it's just delayed orgasm, which can be a good thing for us women :)
Adam, I was looking over the topics tonight and saw one that you should read. The people on that one describe the same symptoms of anxiety that you same, with the dizziness, etc. One even mentioned something about it happenig after something had happened to them, even riding a roller coaster :eek: Sound familiar?? Any way - search this thread - under the "Anxiety" board and the topic is Dizzy 24/7. Take a look and see that there are quite a few people out there with the same symptoms as yours! :bouncing:
[QUOTE=litthotwm]Maybe it won't be that way for you. On lots of guys, it's just delayed orgasm, which can be a good thing for us women :)[/QUOTE]

"Lexapro - the stud medicine :) "
I just took the 1/2 and 1/2 combo...along with a bit of ativan to help me sleep. any bets on how ill be tomorrow? :)

Nite :)
Yeah Adam! I'm proud of you. Let me know how you feel today. I'm hoping it will be better than the last few days. Sunday - go Lex all the way! :bouncing: Did you read that thread I told you about? I saw where alot of them had gone to ENT's to check out their problem - just like you.

Yeah Im hoping the year of dizziness goes away with the lex.

Its 9 am now. I feel so so, which is slightly better than yesterday but I dont want to get too excited yet. I took some ativan when i went to bed so that i wouldnt get anxious, so i dont know if im still glazed over from that or if the lex had some effect on me.

I did notice something strange tho, i woke up this morning with weird sweaty hands, (no jokes please haha), i dont know what that is...

You must be in the Northeast - as it is 8:30 here in good old Memphis, TN (home of Elvis) :wave: Not sure about the sweaty hands, Adam, but it may be from being anxious. I bet you will feel even better tomorrow. Just take a few deep breaths and don't think about how you're feeling - just concentrate on other things - like the weekend!! :bouncing:

I know the paxil made me sweat more. wonder if the lex has the same effect. SO far today hasnt been too bad. Its 1030 AM here. I still feel rather sedated, i dont think 1/2 mg of ativan would last 10 1/2 hours. Maybe the lex is working!
The Lex makes me sweat more than usual when I'm hot, I did notice that. I felt rather sedated when I first started on the Lex, but it went away after about a week. I bet you are going to do just fine on it! btw - this is one of those wild and crazy tear your hair out days at work today - and I'm not freaking out - the Lex is GREAT!!! :)
Im actually kinda tired. I feel like im drugged up and quite sedated. Ill have to see if it goes away at all during the afternoon. I feel like taking a nap!
That will pass, I promise you. It's better than all the anxiety - right? Have a good day Adam, I've got fires to put out! :eek: Let me know tonight how you made it the rest of the day. :)
Yeah it sure is better than anxiety, I wont complain. My whole head feels sort of numb, Im not freaking out like i was yesterday. Just got my relaxation CD in the mail to listen to tonight haha :)

Even people at work are asking me if im ok. Im usually (even when im anxious) a joking sarcastic kind of person, today Im just zoned out :)

Well, today I am just the opposite. I'm WIRED - almost feel like I'm on speed. But, better than freaking out and hyperventilating!!! :bouncing:
Kelly, I called my doctor today and they called me in a prescription of Periactin to try. It is an antihistimine that you take an hour before sex and it's supposed to block the side affects from your AD (like the sexual ones). I have a friend that just tried it (her psyc gave it to her) and she said it worked for her - so I'm going to try it this weekend. The downside is that it will make you sleepy - I am so small, I hope it doesn't knock me out before sex - or I will miss it, ha ha. If not - I will get a really good night's sleep! Will let you know how it works :wave:
Could it be? the 1/2 of lex made a difference so far today? My head still feels numb and im still dizzy but the anxiety is lessened!
litthotwm, I have never heard of that before. Let me know how that works. I am going through something very serious with my daughter right now, so I don't know if I'll feel up to sex anytime soon.
Adam,'ll be fine. I just know the lex will work for you when you can take a deep breath and relax and let it work for you.
For me, I have not started back on it. I was waiting to see if my increased appetite would go away. It hasn't, so, I guess I'll start back on the lex tonight.
Adam, I swear I felt better by the next day, when I started taking it. It's very fast acting. I know you're going to be fine. Like Kelly and I said, don't concentrate on what it might do to you, just relax :)

Kelly, I am sorry you are having trouble with your daughter. If you are - then you definitely need to start back on your lex tonight! I've had a really really rough day at work today that would normally have spazzed me out big time - but I have done fine. If anything - I felt hyper for all the stress, but I'm slowly deflating and ready to go home. BUt - I have handled the stress just fine (really something for me)!!

Adam, now that I think about it, my head felt kind of numb when I'd wake up, at first. That went away though...
also - my pupils look like im on drugs, they're quite dialated! I hope thats normal. i kinda noticed it a little when i was on paxil...
Adam, relax!! :nono: I don't know about my pupils, I never thought about looking at them to see if they were big or not. I will give you the same advice a friend gave me when I started on it. She told me not to worry about the side affects, just take each day at a time and measure how much better you feel. Then in a week - access where you were and where you are then. I was obsessing about the side affects when I first started on it too. I took her advice to heart, and did much better. In a week's time, I was totally different, and SOOOO much better. By then most of the side affects had subsided also. Now, I'm at home, and drinking me a glass of wine :D Don't often do that - but today was one of THOSE days! :eek:
yeah i know...i cant help it. we'll see how day two goes :) i just did my pill cutting so ill be ready for later :) Woohoo
Wow - I drank my glass of wine, ate a couple of pieces of pizza and passed out :yawn: Darn, I missed most of Joan Of Arcadia :eek: Woke up with my stomach killing me. My nerves manifest themself in my stomach. Some people have headaches - but me.... its my stomach. :confused: I knew i'd crash after the day I had!
mm pizza i could go for some of that. hey how does the lex work with alcohol? i do like to go out and hammer them down once in a while lol
The Pizza was great! Lex and alcohol - well, I definitely can't drink much with it. It seems to intensify the affect of alcohol, so a little goes a long way now. So, be careful when you do, ok? I was just talking to one of my friends on the MSN messenger. She has depression and anxiety problems, big time. She is seeing a therapist now, and I hope it helps her. She has real issues. She has severe pain in her stomach that they can't find a cause for and takes loads of pain pills. I really worry about her.
Its amazing how this anxiety stuff can just turn your body inside out isnt it? I bet things were better in the good ol' little house on the prairie. Give me my cabin, horse and wagon a couple of chickens, cows and pigs, and let me be done with it.Bet they didnt have anxiety. haha

Have a good nigght. just popped my next dose, hoping tomorrow will be an even better day!

Adam :o
Going to bed myself. Hope tomorrow is better for you! :) btw - back in the old days, remember - no bathrooms! One of my hubby's friends was over here earlier and we were talking about the days when you didn't have bathrooms, color tv and all the stuff we have now. I think we all just rush around so much even with all our modern day amenities - and part of that causes anxiety!

Nite -

Well day two -

Woke up feeling more anxious than i did yesterday...just trying to take it easy. my head feels like its got pressure on that restless feeling now. Guess i have alot more adjusting to do :)

Ugh :eek:
Hi Adam, I just got up at 11:00 this a.m., I never sleep this late. My head feels very heavy this morning too, but I think mine is from the med I took for my stomach last night. It kind of knocks me out. When first starting Lex, my head would feel kind of heavy for a while the next morning also, but that went away. OK, why don't you take a whole Lex tonight and half of your Paxil? That way you're getting the whole 10 mg in your system for tomorow and when you leave off the Paxil tomorrow night, it won't be as big of a change? Try that ok? I want you to get the full dose of the Lex asap, and see how you do. It's funny but the last psyc my husband went to asked me if I wanted to be his assistant because he was amazed at how much I knew about these things, but I told him I read up on it alot and also have alot of expierence with all the meds hubby has been on over the years. Hope the day gets better, I will check on you later :cool:

Jackie :angel:
Ugh, Ive been pretty anxious all day. Constant feeling of restlessness and the uncomfortable butterfly feeling in my chest. Also my head feels pretty shot and im kinda dizzy. IM wondering if i should do the whole lex or keep the 1/2 and 1/2 a few more days until this passes...
feels like its getting worse. i took 1/2 mg of ativan to help me but i dont feel so good still. my chest feels like its filled with butterflies and im restless. almost feel like im on the verge of a panic attack :(
Adam, when I first started on it, it had the antsy feeling, I got outside and did work in the yard because I couldn't seem to sit still. I was fidgity. Tonight, do the whole Lex, ok? I think you need to adjust as much as possible before having to go to work Monday. Why don't you get out of the house and do something to take your mind off it. Do you live alone? If so, you need to be around people to help take your mind off it too. Maybe you should think about getting another dog soon to help keep your mind occuppied. Take some Ativan if you need to until it passes. Will check on you again later. Hang in there!! :bouncing:

Jackie :angel:
I would go out, if it wasnt for the whole head feels like there's pressure on the top of it...same feeling i had the next day after switching from the Paxil CR to the straight pill...i dont know whether the lex is messing with me, or if its because of the reduction in paxil...most people taper paxil over weeks, ive gone from 12.5 CR to 10mg to 5mg in 2 weeks...i was so psyched yesterday :) maybe ill try the whole lex almost afraid to...if i was nervous from 1/2 today, 1 whole pill might mess me up worse...
Adam, go ahead and do a whole lex tonight, so you can get the full benefit from it and overcome the lack of the Paxil. I think it may make you feel better. I know that feeling of pressure, I have that every morning, but I attributed it to my allergies, and I take a Sudafed and it goes away. Maybe it's not all the allergy after all, I just don't know. I am just wondering if you might be better taking it in the morning rather than at night time.... ? I really think you have been decreasing your dosage of the Paxil in a graduated time period sufficiently. I think maybe you just need more of the Lex to overcome the decreased Paxil. Go ahead and do the whole pill and see how it goes. Maybe even do it right now. Check up on you again in a bit :)
what if its the lex causing the jitters and nervousness? After about 3 hours the ativan is finally starting to help. the butterflies have calmed down some...hope it lasts. should i take the paxil still? maybe half of a half? :)
It may be the Lex causing the jitters and nervousness, it did me that way at first, but it unbearable. Yes, tonight take a whole lex and half a paxil. Why not tomorrow night, take a whole Lex and 1/4 of a Paxil and then the next - no paxil. Sounds reasonable, still slowly decreasing your Paxil and get the full benefit of the Lex at the same time. I find myself today, unable to sit still for long. I feel like I have to be up and doing something constantly. My head feels weird today too, lots of pressure. But - I've been outside several times today and the pollen count here is really high, so I think maybe that is what is causing it because my ears are ringing too.... Unfortunately Memphis is the "allergy capitol of the world" the say... ugggg
sorry, I meant is wasn't unbearable... :D
Ok Ive got my meds all cut up lol Im going to take 7.5 mg of lex and 2.5 mg of paxil. If it is the lex ill probably be messed up again tomorrow :(
Ok, Go Adam - Go Adam! Take it and let's see how you do tomorrow. I'm hoping you'll have a much better day tomorrow. I've felt in "high gear" all day and can't seem to idle down. I cut down to 5 mg last night and was going to tonight, but doesn't look like I"ll be having sex this weekend (husband's knee is swollen and hurting really bad) so - might as well take the 10 mg tonight. sigh... such is life. And I was going to try the Periactin to see if it worked. Well - guess I'll have to wait on that experiment!
If tomorrow is like today ill lose it...i cant handle laying here all day nervous and was constant from the moment i woke up. im a 28 year old scaredy cat. i was moments away from a full blown panic, i wanted to just run outside or call an ambulance or something :(
Have you been alone all day? You need to get a friend to come over tomorrow or get one to come get you if you feel too dizzy to drive, and get out for a while. Just staying at home concentrating on how you're feeling is intensifying the side affects you are having. I am sorry you're having such a rough time with this. If the Lex does not end up working for you, and you should be feeling lots better within a week, you really should find a good psychiatrist to go to who is skilled in prescribing the right meds for you. You may need an add-on to go with it, for the anxiety. Do you have a friend that maybe could come over and hang out with you tonight and keep you company? You need to take your mind off of it or you are going to go crazy... :eek: Please hang in there Adam, take another Ativan if you need to. :)

Jackie :angel:
I have people home with me, tomorrow i plan on getting to a friends house, so hoping tomorrow will be a better day :)

Right now the anxiety is gone again, so maybe ill get used to it soon. I really want the lex to work for me. Its funny, i understand that the things im feeling are caused by changes from the meds, but it doesnt make it less frightening lol.

The ativan helped this afternoon. ill take 1/2 when i go to bed to help me sleep. im sure ill be fine in a few days. i just dont want to feel like i did earlier today, that stunk *grin*. I have a bottle of klonopin hanging around too i wonder if that would be better than the ativan. oye. im a pharmacy over here....i should start a new company, maybe call it A-bay or something and auction off my dumb pills... :-)
Good, I am glad you aren't home alone. Even though my husband was always here when I was really depressed, I still felt totally alone. It's weird all the things you feel when you're "sick" mentally, and how differently you feel when you are better. I am really amazed. I wish I had not resisted taking something for so long, or I would have gotten better a long time ago and not had to feel so desparate, lonely and hopeless. [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] If I got really nervous during the day, I took the Kava Kava (great natural stuff). Well, I truly hope you have a better day tomorrow, and think positive and it will be. I'm glad you're going to get out for a while tomorrow. I think it will help. :)
Adam, how is day three going? I am hoping it's going to be a much calmer day for you and that you will find yourself feeling more like day one or... even better!

Jackie :)
Eh i wimped out, i did another day of half and far i dont have the constant anxiety but my head still feels pretty its somewhat better for the time being :)tonight i may do the same thing just take a little less paxil
Ill see how the day goes
Oh Adam, what am I going to do with you? :nono: Please take the whole Lex tonight, ok? It's time to do it full strength. Even if you do still take 1/4 of a Paxil, do the whole Lex, ok? I want you to get better! :bouncing:
:( i hope it helps
Adam, be positive about this, ok? I think if you have a positive attitude about it helping, it will :) Do yourself a huge favor and take the whole Lex, ok? I know you want to get better! :wave:
ohh kayyyyy :) ill try it tonight... :)
I wish you had done it last night, so you could see how it will affect you - BUT promise me you will do that tonight. I'm counting on you to be strong and do what you need to do for yourself. I worry about you, you are just much too apprehensive about all this. I'm saying this only as your friend, but you really should consider going to a psyc to deal with your anxiety issues if the Lex doesn't totally resolve them. They are the only ones that are really qualifed to deal with tougher cases. Hang in there, Adam! :bouncing:
Yeah i know...I should have maybe tried it last night. I wanted to at least do the 3 days on half and half, all the advice i had gotten was to do that for 3-5 days before i switch completely. I just hope it doesnt mess me up for work tomorrow...the anxiety has been mostly gone today, but i did take ativan before i went to bed, so who knows.

Im just a real baby when it comes to side effects. Anything that messes with my melon really doesnt sit well with me...when i ever feel dizzy or my head doesnt feel right, i get really nervous about it. :D im a wuzz. :p
I know it's hard to deal with things when your head feels weird, but that will pass. I just got back from the hospital, one of my girlfriends and I went to see another old pal that has kidney disease. Anyway, my friend that I went with told me that it takes really a good two months to level out on the AD's so I am still adjusting. I am hoping this revved up feeling goes away. I know some people talk about being so tired - but it has affected me the opposite.

Hang in there wuss :D , but tonight it's time to do the whole Lex. You promised me - and I don't like broken promises! :nono:

PS Hope you're ok tomorrow, but I will be there for you, if you need me. :angel:
I feel so awful right now. Im so afraid of taking that stuff, i wish i knew what was going on. Ive got all that pressure on my head, i feel nauseous, and my heart is just pounding (its been doing that for a while...)i dont know how im going to work like this if its not gone in the morning :( if the pressure in my head would just go away...feels like it just wants to pop like a balloon. that cant be normal :(

:confused: :dizzy: :(
Adam, I don't think the Lex would be making you nauseated unless you had been that way last night after taking it. It did me that way at first, when I was taking it at night. That's why I switched to taking it in the morning with a light breakfast. It sounds to me as if you are having a panic attack. Take your Ativan now and see if it will pass. If this keeps up, please contact your doctor tomorrow and speak with him, ok? You were doing better earlier today, so I was in hopes that today was going to a good day for you. I am not sure what the pressure in your head is, I felt some pressure, but it wasn't unbearable, just a sort of groggy feeling. :confused: Go ahead and take your dose of meds now, and maybe it will help.
Oh, I forgot to ask you this before - what is your melon? Is that your head? Sorry, I'm blonde ;)
melon = my head lol

The pressure isnt unbearable, it just feels like something is squeezing the top an side of my head some...very uncomfortable if anything, almost a headache.

Im keeping friend who taked to her psych at work for about a half hour regarding me told me he said i would feel worse before i got better, and everything i was experiencing was normal, so thats reassuring. its just no fun lol

she gave me alot of info from him, about how your body has to learn to metabolize the new meds, etc etc, so she just reiterated that i have to wait it out...ugh ;) gee's ur name on here is litthotwm and your blonde, you must be a hottie lol :)
I'm a little hottie ;) as little I mean as in 4'10" 98 lbs, so I mean very little! I get teased at work, some of the guys say I look like a Barbie doll. Well, I guess it could be worse, lol :D

I am glad you told me what you just did, about what your friend said, and that you were trying to be positive. You really had me worried!! I am glad you are getting off the Paxil, I don't think it's the best thing to be on. I really haven't heard many good things about it, so I am sure it's tougher to get off of. :eek:
ok barbie :)


My friend didnt want to tell me before, but she said the doctor told her i would probably feel worse before i started to feel better, and this weekend was a good example of that. Tonight im taking 3/4 lex and 1/4 pax, ill do that for a day or two, then finally do all lex. Try to wean off the paxil the best i can...we'll see what happens. i need to start looking for a psych tomorrow too, i just hope i wake up feeling good!!! :)
I hope you woke up feeling better today. I wish she had told you about feeling worse at first, then you would have know what to expect. Maybe she didn't want to scare you? Well you do what you think is best, but taking 3/4 is better than taking half... Check in with me later today to let me know how you're making. btw - I prayed for you last night and this morning, hoping it will help you to cope :)

Barbie :)
Hi :) Any additional Prayers are always welcome.

Well i took the 3/4 1/4 at midnight. Woke up at 4am with a very strange buzzing feeling, but luckily I fell back to sleep. woke up at 7 and layed around till i got up at 8. Still have that pressure in my head, not as harsh as yesterday, and i feel kinda zoned out today...
Just call me Barbie, your gardian angel :angel:

I will keep praying for you througout the day. I'm good at that. Hope the Melon (hee hee) feels better as the day goes on. Why not try taking your meds earlier in the night? I take mine a few hours before bedtime. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I couldn't sleep last night. I usually fall right to sleep. Slightly nervous coming into work today. Are you rubbing off on me? :eek: Just kidding!!!!
I hope not!

I dunno, if i take them a couple of hours before bed if i start feeling weird ill probably freak out even more haha.

Ive been taking 1/2 ativan with the mix too just to keep me relaxed in case i wake up feeling going to do 3/4 1/4 again tonight, then hopefully tomorrow night all lex...fingers are crossed!
I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Well - this is turning out to be one of those wild and crazy days again. :eek: Will check on you later! :wave:
Well luckily i had a couple comp hours from some work i did from home on the weekend so i took a few hours off this afternoon. It wasnt an unbearable day at work, but it wasnt perfect, better than yesterday i guess...although now im starting to feel something different:

1) Dry mouth - feel thirsty no matter how much i drink
2) tired - my legs feel heavy, almost fatigued a little
3) my eyes still look sorta dialated
4) came home feeling a litte warm, so i took my temp and its been hovering around 99.5. I dont feel like i have a cold or anything
5) woke up at 4am with a weird buzzing feeling in my body. fell back to sleep
6) still have this weird sensation of pressure on my head
7) Slight nausea at times

Thats my list of complaints ;)

Well..... the dry mouth is definitely a side affect of SSRI's. I'm never sure how much is due to Lex and how much is my antihistime that I take. My lips are so dry they hurt sometimes. I sip on water, coffee and cola all day. I don't know about the heaviness in your legs, I don't remember that happening to me :confused: Don't remember the buzzing either. But -I wasn't coming off of one SSRI and starting another one either - so it's not a fair comparison. Glad you could take off a bit early to compensate though. I feel whooped (southern slang) been another very rough day. Going home in 2 secs, but I will check in on your later from home. Hang in there!!


oh i've heard whopped before lol i know what you mean! :bouncing:
I'm still adjusting to side effects over here but getting better. Boy does this stuff make you tired and awake all at the same time.
Belle, glad you're hanging in there. It will take a while to adjust. I guess I was just very lucky that it didn't make me tired like you guys. You'll get better with each day, I was glad when the nausea passed. That kept me awake at night for a while. Very uncomfortable.

adam - I think I got whooped (or whupped) even more on the way home. I feel AWFUL, almost like I've been poisioned. Must be my allergies, darn they are kicking my you know what. I have stuff I need to do but I don't feel like doing anything at all. I feel nauseated too. UGGGG

You two hang in there! :wave:

Have you had any other side effects besides the tiredness? I just started feeling that a little today, along with a really dry mouth :)

Hi , I also take 10mgs of Lexapro and have taken it for a few years now. It takes a little while for the full beneficial effects of Lexapro to kick in. As for the tiredness it kicked my butt for a little bit but that went away after a few weeks. Hang in there. It is one of the milder drugs out there. It has done me wonders.
Hi Adam! It's been a rollar coaster ride! First day I felt ampted up and some what irritable. Now I am mostly tired and sometimes a little sick and light headed feeling? I woke up this am feeling real light headed almost afraid to take more but I did (with coffee) I am hoping a shower will help.
The first night I could not sleep now I am sleeping like a rock!
I am ultra senstive to meds that is why I started on 5 mg and am still breaking that in half taking it about 4 hours apart!
How about you???
Belle, I wake up feeling that way too. I really noticed it this a.m. Almost dizzy. I was attributing that to my allergies, but I felt so bad last night I took another antihistime, so I really think it may be the Lex making me feel that way when I first get up. After a while (with coffee) it gets better. I think I sleep better at night too, taking it at night.

Adam - how are you making it today? Hoping a better day for you today. I think each day is going to be better for you. :bouncing:

Jackie :angel:
Well I have felt this way since I started it. The first morning I felt like I was hit by a truck!!! Of course I didn't sleep well the night before.
I just keep wanting to lay down and I can't ( 5 year old at home). I also have a 9 year old that gets home at 3. I had a friend who said he tried Lexapro and it made him feel sick too! I am just trying to ride this out because they are running out of meds to give me! I have also noticed my appetite is awful. I try to eat early as come dinner time I don't want to eat. The food taste different too?
Bell, funny that you should mention the taste changes. I noticed when I very first started on it, that things tasted strange. Then it was like I would be eating things any they would seem to have a different texture to them! The taste change has gone away, and mostly the texture thing too. I don't get the nausea anymore, that went away too. That was bad at first, and was the reason I had changed to taking it in the mornings for a while. Now, I'm back to night again because I wanted to have it out of my system towards night for helping with the sex thing. I had read that if you have sex at the time before you next dose, the affects wouldn't be as bad. Girl - I'm trying everything! lol I truly hope this works for you. What all meds have you been on so far? I'm very very lucky that this is the first one I've tried, and it's worked so well!
Glad it's not just me! I have already lost a few pounds!!!
I am scared to take it at night for fear I will be up all night?
I hope the sick stomach passes soon.
Lets see
First I took Elavil Hated that!!!! Had severe allergic reaction, eye swelled shut, vilolent temper which is so not me just bad all the way around.
Next Zoloft same type of thing with mood but with this I got Hives all over my face.
I have taken Buspar and done well. Makes you real dizzy for about an hour. I still take that. Not sure why he wants me on both?
Tried Ativan knocked me out and valume more of the same. Great for night not so great for trying to be normal funcitoning human during the day.
For some reason I have bad reactions to these meds.
If it wasn't for these boards I would go insane! Nice to be able to talk to others who have experienced the Meds. and share advice.
As far as sex..... I am not the least bit interested since on this? Dr. asked me "should I call and talk to your husband and warn him about the lack of libido"! Can't win for losing.
I actually found these boards while trying to find info on Lexapro when I first started on in last month. You're right, they are a life saver. Elavil made my hubby very very depressed and the zoloft worked well for him for a long time. I forgot now why he was switched to something else. Well, the Lex has not lessened my sex drive at all, just the orgasm problem. You've just started on it though, so maybe that will get better. I told you that I started taking Ginko Biloba too, right? I had read that it's supposed to help counteract the desire and function aspects of sex that the SSRI's tend to mess up for you. I'm hoping it works ;)
I hope it works for you too! Like I said before there are always power toys!
I am not too worried about it YET!
I am more worried about this huge week I have to deal with on this stuff.
I have to do KG Round Up with my Daughter Thursday where I have to spend 3 hours in a KG class LORD help me!!! Also have my Dr. appointment and a field trip to deal with not to mention the day to day stuff.
I read jeffriesmom cleaned her house from top to bottom maybe she can come work on mine LOL I have NO motivation at all.
Well, I actually do have a power toy ;) I hid it from my husband for nearly a year, and he accidently found my hiding place. You would have thought he'd found a man, and that I was having an affair! But hey, he has no sex drive, and I have a very high one, so I had to do something, lol. He's ok with it now though. Yeah, sounds like you have lots to deal with and when you have small children it will take a toll on your nerves. I hope that you will find that it gives you more energy soon. I was wound up all weekend, I should have been cleaning closets and stuff! :p
Adam - where are you today? How is it going? Getting worried a bit because you haven't posted anything today. But - maybe you are having a great day... hope that's the case!!! :)
I feel so terrible right now. Im so freakin tired, i feel like i could close my eyes and pass right out, im slightly dizzy. My eyes and mouth are so dry, my eyes are burning. My face feels hot, slight nausea and nice heartburn ( and i took prevacid last night). I dont know how im going to make it another 7 hours like this...feeling crappy like this is gonna give me more anxiety!

:( help :(
Oh no, Adam. I was hoping you were having a good day! Looks like all the side affects are hitting you full force! Hang in there, I promise it is going to get better. Chew gum, to make your mouth not so dry, and get some good eye drops to help your eyes. I had Lasik surgery in January of last year, so I have extremely dry eyes anyway. I even have to put the nasty ointment in mine at night :rolleyes: Hang in there, you're going to get better - I promise. We all did and so will you!

Lots of hugs :)

Jackie :angel:
So these are all side effects huh? :( I took 3/4 1/4 last night, im going to do the same thing tonight and see how i am tomorrow. If tomorrow is better, ill drop the 1/4 and take the whole lex....try it little by little.

Boy the stuff did wipe me out! The guy at work told me i looked tired, and i slept through most of the night...
Yep, and they will get better! You will be tired at first, but that will pass too. :)
Well Im hoping im over the paxil withdrawal now. I have 1/4 pill to go, i hope the lex has overtaken the paxil in the seratonin wars in my brain hahaha. ok im retarded.
Well... you are still partly on the Paxil, so you're still withdrawing from it I am sure. Once you stop that and go Lex all the way, then it will win the war in your brain!!
ha ha We can't have you retarded, now can we??? lol
Yeah...I still feel pretty poopy...
I will be glad when you write to us and say you feel like this :bouncing:
We'll all stand up and cheer yeah!!! :D I'm home this afternoon working. Waiting on a repair man to come fix our lawn mower. I will be mad if he doesn't show up! At least I can work at home, plugged into our network. Probably better - cuz I don't have my phone ringing non-stop!
Is this what is wrong with me? I have been on Lexapro for about 7 months. As of late I have NO ENERGY and can't lose weight for the life of me. I just had a baby.

I am tired and can't stop eating... :eek:
i FINALLY took my first does of lexapro, they gave me 10mg but i halved it and good thing, i am sitting here at work and can harldly keep my eyes open, looks like i will need to take it at night.... it has taken me several times of filling a perscription to take this... wish me luck and good luck to all of you...
Tell me about the tired thing!!! I am drinking tea right now trying to get some energy. I hear it does pass though. I half mine too can't even imagine taking the whole thing in one sitting.
The first night I tried it I was up all night. Let me know if taking it at night helps, from one Bell to another :wave:
Danielle and Bella - hi!

Danielle, the tiredness side affect should have worn off by now. Do you think maybe your iron is low? I have had more energy on it, and seem to be holding my weight fine, maybe even a bit better. Maybe you should check with your doctor? Some people write that it makes them VERY hungry - thank God that's not the case with me! I would get off of it in a split second.

Bella, good for you - starting it is a brave thing. It is smart to start off with the half dose. I should have done that too, but my doc didn't tell me I could do that. I probably would have done better adjusting with the side affects if I had done that.

Good luck to both of you!
The tiredness hit me this morning, i could hardly keep my eyes open myself!

I did some research on Lex...when taking a full dose, your blood achieves steady state levels of lex after about a week taking it. The level in your blood is roughly 2.2 times the amount you'd have after taking a single dose, so we both might get worse before we get better. Im taking less than a whole dose myself. prepare for some :yawn: :)
thank you both very much for the info... it made me feel very loopy too. i could not wait to get it out of my system... so when they say it takes a few weeks, that was not the case for me, it started immediately... the side effects did anyways.... i am thinking about doing it in 4ths? any thoughts on that?
:wave: Hi Bella, I am on day 6. My Dr wanted me to start on half 5mg for the first two weeks. I break the half in half!!! To be honest I have so many responsibilites in the morning I am afraid I won't be able to do what I need to do! The flip side is fear of taking it at night for not being able to sleep?
I must say today I didn't have the dizzy sick feeling upon waking up at least.
i am going to do that, my system is so sensitive, it knows when i put something different in it... i am going to try 1/4th tonight before bed, and start out REAL slow.... every 2 weeks i will up the anti.... if i should get to the point of not sleeping i will pop an ativan and that will take care of things ;)
I pray to God that tomorrow is better than today. tonight all i was instructed to take was ativan and go to bed. tomorrow night ill be taking lex. i dont know how long i can deal with this....its so bad. :yawn:


Oh Adam, I was wondering how things were going tonight. I will pray along with you that tomorrow is better than today also. I won't be around tomorrow, I will be away from work and going with my husband to have some tests run (colon scope) and don't know when I will be able to get back to the computer. Have to go to the hospital after that because a family member fell and broke his neck last night and he's brain dead. They are supposed to take him off the respirator tomorrow. He was drunk and fell on some rocks and hit his head. So hard to believe, and a hard thing to take. So my prayers will be with you, and hopefully someone will be online for support if you need it. Take care, be strong, and hang in there, k? :)

jackie :)
Oh my god im so sorry :( my condolences, such a terrible thing. Thanks, Ill do my best tomorrow, good luck to you too...hope everything goes to you soon :)

Thanks, Adam. I appreciate that. My husband is the one taking it hard. It's his nephew who is a little younger than him, and they were really close all their lives. (oh yeah, my hubby is the youngest of 12 children!) :eek Any way, this guy had a sad life, he threw it all away because of alcohol. We always said that his drinking would kill him, but we never thought it would in that way! What is really sad, he had quit drinking for a coNituple of months and had just started back drinking last night! Well, take care, and like I said, hang tight, and I will check on you later tomorrow. I hope you have a good report for me :wave:

Nite :o

Adam, I am home for a bit before we head to the hospital. Everything went fine with my hubby's scope, he's ok. Wanted to check on you and see how your day is going. Hope you're holding up ok!! :D

hi hope everything is going ok. ive been pretty anxious today but i didnt take any meds last night. i have to go see my doc later to get a note for work. i also made an appointment with a psych tuesday, so hope i can get some help....

Be back laterm

We haven't gone to the hospital yet, going in a couple of hours as they are waiting to take him of the life support. I am glad you are going in the right direction. You are doing positive things, and you will get help, hope your psych is a good one and puts you on the road to recovery! :)


Went to see my regular doc tonight, gave me a note for work. Talked to him for a while, told him how i was worried because i have had some dizziness ever since roller coaster rides i went on last may. So he is sending me for a CAT Scan to put my mind at ease, to make sure everything is ok. I didnt take any paxil or lex last night, tonight im starting up on just lex, im gonna start back on half a tab. He told me to use the ativan to kill any attacks, and again, thinks the lex will really help. So here we go again, round two, with no paxil in my system anymore...
It is strange that you've had the dizziness since the roller coast rides, so maybe the cat scan is a good thing to have done. Like you said- if not else but to put your mind at ease that nothing is really wrong there. I'm glad you're off the paxil and starting on the lex tonight. Probably a good idea to start at 5mg and work up to the 10. I wonder why my doc didn't tell me to do that? Well, it's my GYN so he doesn't know as much about psych meds :) But -- he was smart enough to put me onto something good, so I'm glad of that. I haven't felt as good today, but probably due to the strain of all that's going on here. Tough seeing someone lying there brain dead, and only a machine keeping them alive. Didn't take him of the respirator just yet, they are still did another brain scan while we were there, waiting for the neurologist to interpret the results. One test they did this afternoon showed no brain activity at all though. I guess they will do it later tomorrow.... it's just rough for us all. I take it that you didn't work today - right? Probably a good idea that you try to take it easy while this is going on. Geez, I am sooo glad my hubby couldn't take the Paxil CR that his last psych put him on! He then switched him to Prozac which is working very well for him.

Well - I am POOPED!! I'm hitting the sack early tonight. :) tty tomorrow

well did my 5 of lex last night. today i was a litte anxious, more than usual, but tried to go out and do stuff. felt nausea, even heaved up dinner, but i think it was the food. have a slight headache. hope its just the lex :)
Took my second 5 of lex last night. this morning i feel tired, my eyes are very heavy, even a little blurry. I still feel anxious, somewhat restless, and my body has a very odd numb kind of feeling...looks like im back to square one huh? :(


I hope you're not back to square one, A :eek: I felt nausea at first, when I was taking it at night, so I switched to taking in the mornings for a while, and that went away. I also seemed to have the hangover feeling in the mornings and would actually feel dizzy upon getting up. My head still feels heavy and numb when I wake up every morning though, but after I drink some coffee it kind of fades away. I kow that restless feeling, I think that is very common, so don't be alarmed. I'm glad you have all weekend to adjust to just the lex, so maybe by Monday you will be feeling better. I sure hope so! We had a big storm here last night, so it made my head feel weird, and I laid around most of the night and also had to listen to my husband rant and rave about his family. He's mad at some of them right now - long story. Why can't everyone just get along???? :rolleyes:

Jackie :angel:
why the heck is the lex causing me more anxiety? this is the pits...i have to go for the cat scan monday and work. i dont know how i can walk around like this :(


:( :( :( :( <=== thats me right now
Adam, I honestly don't know. It didn't do me that way. Have you read anywhere that it can do that at first? (the anxiety)? In the meantime, take some of your ativan, ok?
I think i read other people mention it did it to them, maybe ill post a new topic and ask. :) I just cant win. to add to all this, my computer at work died yesterday while i was home, so i lost alot of work, it nicked a curb driving up to the pharmacy and got a flat, and the dinner i ate last nite made me sick and i threw it all up. when is something going to go right? at this rate, ill go for my cat scan and theyll tell me they cant find my brain.
[QUOTE=adam2000]I think i read other people mention it did it to them, maybe ill post a new topic and ask. :) I just cant win. to add to all this, my computer at work died yesterday while i was home, so i lost alot of work, it nicked a curb driving up to the pharmacy and got a flat, and the dinner i ate last nite made me sick and i threw it all up. when is something going to go right? at this rate, ill go for my cat scan and theyll tell me they cant find my brain.[/QUOTE]

Oh Adam, I have days like that - BELIEVE Me! I think nothing is ever going to be right again and you just want to give up. Do post the new topic about the anxiety in starting on Lex and see what response you might get. Hang in there honey, I would be anxious too if I lost alot of my work. I'd be more like devastated!!! :eek:

PS - keep me posted :)
The fatigue on Lexapro was ridiculous, I went off, got on 60 mgs of Cymbalta, not much success, went up to 90 mgs. and am doing fine. Also looking into EMDR therapy for medication resistant people.
The only time I get tired from Lexapro is about 15 minutes after I take it. So I take it at night and sleep well. When I wake up I am drowsy, but only because I have had a good nights rest. But as far as being sleepy during the day--I havent had the problem so far. Do your pros out weigh your cons? Also, how long have you been taking it? Let me know how it goes for you--as a fellow "Lexaproer" I would like to keep in touch with those on this same med--its nice to relate with those taking this. Some people say great things about it however--the side effects in the beginning are pure hell and so many people have said that. Its like it gets worse before it gets better.But once it gets better (like beyond the 3rd week of being on it) things get better.

I gotta tell you I'm not a good one to ask.....I have overlapped so many different antideps over the years its hard to know what works and what doesn't. I have been in a bad patch for about a year, and am getting ready to try EMDR therapy. I think its true that the meds alone wont do it; you have do do some kind of talk therapy also. I'm sure there are exceptions to this, but meds alone never worked for me. Just do what feels right for you and good luck!
WF, I have been on Lexapro for two and a half months now, and doing great. I really haven't noticed any tiredness either. I had slight nausea in the beginning but that went away when I started taking it in the mornings. I had racing thoughts, and restlessness for a while, but those have gone away as well. The only problem I have now is the problem with climaxing during sex. Other than that - I'm doing great! :bouncing:
HI Lil,

Well this morning was my last dose of xanax till friday. My legs are crampy and im nervous but surviving. Hope i make it through tomorrow, then friday is my ENG more day drugless. this sucks!
[QUOTE=adam2000]HI Lil,

Well this morning was my last dose of xanax till friday. My legs are crampy and im nervous but surviving. Hope i make it through tomorrow, then friday is my ENG more day drugless. this sucks![/QUOTE]

I am so glad you wrote, Adam. I had been looking for you yesterday and anxiously waiting to see how you were doing! I know this is going to be a tough day today, and then tomorrow even thougher. I HATE that you are having to do without meds, because this just isn't the time for it :nono: Do you think you will hear any results after the test? I hope so!!

Hang in there, we're all pulling for you!
Ugh Im a nervous wreck today. I slept like garbage last night. About 4 hours and the rest was anxious tossing and turning. Its so hard not to go take some thing so i dont have this awful feeling inside me. I am sooooo dizzy and have that nasty constant anxious feeling in my body. Even watching tv, im constantly moving. its horrible. I wish it were tomorrow, so i could get this over with. And to think a week ago i was walking in the mall shopping. Now Im afraid to move.

I usually monitor my blood pressure, decided to see how it was today, it was fine but my resting pulse was 53...isnt that a little low? Maybe thats why im walking around dizzy as hell. Oh i wish the clock would run faster. :(

Im trying to convince myself that this is nothing, and its just because im not on the meds, but its hard to when you feel like your either going to break into panic or hit the floor :(
I am sure you are going crazy!! Is anyone driving you to take the test tomorrow? It may not be good for you to be driving yourself. That's what I was saying - you were getting better and now going backwards :eek:

I feel for you! I hope your appt is in the am, and then can take the meds right afterward!!
Yeah, my appointment is at 930AM, only 17 hours 10 minutes to go. I just hope i can sleep better tonight. Nothing worse than waking up at 5am anxious and turning back and forth all night. Im putting the xanax and zoloft in my pocket. The moment the test is done, im downing it. They said it takes about an hour....ughh

Ive been drinking chamomile tea all day haha. I dont know what else to do. I cant stand it.
Yes, Chamomile tea is supposed to be soothing, so maybe that helps a bit. Right - take your drugs with you and swallow them as soon as that test is done!!! :bouncing:

I will check in on you later. Leaving work now.... :wave:

Its sad to have to think like that isnt it? "Im gonna pocket my drugs and take them as soon as...." what has my life come to... :confused:
At least you have the meds there to help, Adam :) And at least you have the hope of getting better again once you start back on them too. Just think of how you were feeling better last week, and after tomorrow morning, maybe in a few days of taking the meds, you will feel even better. I can't even imagine having to go through that, my anxiety has never been at that level (and hope it never is)! I am curious though, have you always had that much anxiety? Or was this something that developed recently? I hear people writing about their full blown anxiety/panic attacks, and it sounds very scary! I just have mild ones, and not even those now. I guess I have been lucky. :bouncing: I know you are still counting down the hours, but I pray that you get a somewhat good night's sleep and then go on to your test and it will all be over with soon. I know this has been a very long and bad week - BUT the end is soon :bouncing:

Keep us posted :D

Bell & Jeffreysmom :wave:

Haven't heard from you in days. How are you two progressing on your Lexapro? Hope you both are doing fine and the side affects are just about gone away by now. As far as I can tell - mine have (except that ONE problem)!! But haven't had the opportunity to check that out either...

Let me know how you ladies are doing :wave:

Jackie :angel:
Hey Jackie, I am here and doing great :bouncing: I really like this med. Yesterday I was in a car in a terenchal down pour and was actually calm and didn't freak out!!!
It's like I will face off with something and I am able to just let it go.
I can't wait till he ups me to ten. Right now I take 7.5 and what a pain splitting them.
How are you???
Jefferysmom haven't heard from you in ages.
How is Adam? :wave:
Hello everyone,

This thread is getting a bit to long, so I'm locking it...please continue your discussion here........[url][/url]
Or look for the thread "Lexapro is working but I am so tired Part 2.

Thanks, ms_mod

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