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Im a 20 yr old male ive gone from thinking i have colon cancer, prostate cancer, penile cancer, pituitary adenoma, ms and now als my left hand feels weak and is shaky my right leg kinda feels week could that be anxiety or als? But i also suffer from anxiety i know i have health anxiety but everytime i see a doctor they think nothing is wrong with me, one doctor told me i have anxiety but nothing else i had to go home on the internet and read about it. I havent really done any tests except for blood taken at the er after a panic attack (blood test in the er dont show anything i think, just major problems), ive also taken lung x-rays and ultrasound on my kidneys and bladder, alot of my symptoms mimic anxiety especially anxiety disorder and health anxiety. But the thing that worries me is that the anxiety is due to a serious illness. Let me run through my past real quick 3 years i go i went to a check up and the doctor seen that my chest bone were the 2 ribs meet are inwards, so i did an ekg and it had a minor irregular heartbeat so just to make sure i was sent to a heart specialist and the doctor seen that i do have leakage in my heart, 3 out of my 4 valves but the doctor said it was nothing important. Now over the last 6 months i was working 2 jobs 80 hrs a week and working full time for a good 3 months it was too much for me i would break down in anger all the time and feel fatigued, i used to smoke but quit after my first panic attack, i have been kinda anxious my whole life and always thinking its the worst, what i wanna know is this GAD? and i have also been taking calms forte three times a day it kinda helps me out i bought it at gnc but i want something to stop this disorder if i have it, any other herbs. the herbs im taking now arent helping my health anxiety. One last thing is that ive been getting symptoms that i havent seen people here post about and i would like to tell you guys about them and if u could give me feedback

1.My hands are constantly trembling or shaking when i try to rest my arm on a solid surface but keep my hands up.

2. When i get up in the mornings sometimes i feel like my head is shaking or trembling including my bottom lip. time i was trying to sleep and i got this shock, wasnt really a shock but my whole body twitched or jolted that scared me. eyes soemtimes twitch

5. no sex drive at all and im only 20

6.sometimes i my muscles make quick movements jerking my legs arms etc...

7. chills in my legs and numbness in my hands

i understand that i may have anxiety i think i do but i also think it might be serious, it sucks having health anxiety because alot of people dont know about it. everytime i watch tv or here something about i a disease i think i have it because the things im going thro now are not normal to me, thank you guys for taking your time and reading please give me feedback....


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