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[QUOTE=sahaira]I am going the xanax route but I think I get more and more depressed so I may have to take an antidepressent. All I read though is about side effects -has anyone had good experiences with no or minor side effects?

I think the idea of all these bad side effects are stopping me from taking something that may help me. I took celexa years ago but had a problem with fainting but they dont know if it was the celexa or the ambien I was taking ( or the combo) so I stopped both.

I would love to hear some good stories! :)[/QUOTE]

I bet your fainting was from the's a sleep aid right?? Maybe combined with the celexa it made for a rough time in your system?? :eek:
Anyhow, I have taken celexa, now I take lexapro which is an evolved form of celexa, supposedly without all the side effects. I have been taking it for over a year and have had few side affects at all. The usual dry mouth sexual or any other side effects yet....been taking it for over a year..

Xanax is a depressant much like alcohol They both depress your central nervous system. Xanax does this in order for you not to have a panic attack. Relaxes you....

If you have deppression, it means that your seratonin is messed up. Today's antidepressants do not make you "feel" anything right after you take them. It takes up to three weeks for you to notice any difference in your mood. Then that is sometimes really subtle and you may not notice that ... Hey, all of a sudden I feel better....I don't feel like killing myself, and my outlook on life is really better!!! That is what the new antidepressants *SSRI's) will do for you. There are many, many different types out there, if this one doesn't work, keep trying until you find one that works for you.

Xanax (benzodiazepines and the like) are not meant to treat chemical depression....

Good Luck,

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