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hi everyone im new to the anxiety board and just thought ide introduce myself. Im 17 years old and have been dealing with anxiety since i was 8 years old. I use to have anxiety attacks to the point where i would shake very bad for about 20mins, then pass out for the night but that only lasted my first year of anxiety now that does not happen. My anxiety then "went away" until i was 16 although i did have attacks everyonce in awhile but it was only when i got my first job that the anxiety returned and made everything very difficult for me, going to work was very hard and i did pass out a few times from letting the anxiety get to me so bad. I was prescribed alphrazolam (sp?) when i was 12 when for a short period of time i was have attacks but i neglected to take it because i wanted to be a normal teenager and not have to deal with it. But when my anxiety came back when i was 16 i was also put on 20mg of prozac and when my anxiety was really bad, ide have to take an alphrazolam that day too. I felt great! once the prozac hit my system and started to work i couldnt believe how normal i felt it was just amazing. Then after awhile i was an idiot and stopped taking it hoping i would feel fine being off it, and i was for almost a year. But then a few weeks ago i quit that job i started back in school and i moved and big things like that that stressed me out and my anxiety came back but this time really bad. Ive been having attacks everyday, im at the point now where i feel like i cant leave my house. Because of the anxiety i have started having random body aches and pallpalations (sp again?) in my heart. I took the other meds every day but for some reason it made me fall asleep which its never done before so i felt i couldnt take it, but i was lucky i was able to talk to my mom about it who also has severe anxiety and takes prozac for it. I went to the doctor and was put back on my prozac today so hopefully i'll feel better soon. Wow this is long, but thanks to whoever reads it its really nice to vent to other people besides my mom and the fact that shes asleep right now and im having a bit of an attack i figured i could just introduce myself here and tell everyone my anxiety lifeline haha thanks everyone :wave:

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