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hi... im not here to help either of you really (sorry) but more to relate. i was also wondering if i should go talk to someone/take something for anxiety. my boyfriend tells me i have it but i dont really see it as a huge deal and i also dont feel like medication will help. and the whole seeing a therapist thing... talking to people is kind of my issue. plus... i worry about what my parents will think... they'll see it as a waste of money. but i've also been having physical problems. every time i eat (esp this week) i feel like throwing up and weird and just horrible. it could be due to stress too... i dont know. or alcohol and coffee. personally i'm blaming alcohol. so i'm not drinking until i can start eating right again. and also i'm gonna wait til im out of school for the summer and see if things get better (no more discusting dining hall food, etc.) i'm hoping that's all there is to it.

but i'm also wondering if there's more to it because... i am not very excitable and dont outwardly show much emotion. i think this has to due with total lack of confidence. but i feel i should WANT to see my friends. that i should WANT to hang out with my boyfriend... the fact that i dont care... is kind of scaring me. i've already pushed so many people away...

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