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I have been having the twitches for about three days now. They are really bad in my hand between my thumb and forefinger. Mainly in my calves. Sometimes I can get them anywhere though. I have been under some stress and last March was my very first anxiety attack (of many thoughout the month). I drink a lot of alcohol and I hardly get any sleep. I work forty hours a week and I travel a lot on the weekends to see my boyfriend. I haven't been eating very well either. I freaked out and thought I had ALS or MS so I went to see a Neurologist. She examined me and told me it was anxiety and stress and told me I should change my lifestyle. I kind of talked to her for a while and then she kind of assured me that it wasn't MS or ALS. She just kind of smiled and shook her head whenever I said I thought it was those two things. So now on day three of the twitches, they are kind of vanishing, I've been sleeping better and eating healthier. I just wonder how long they will last??? She gave me an anti-depressant but I'm afraid to take it. Has anyone else had these problems like mine?

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