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[QUOTE=adam2000]HI all,

My appetite has been ok, dont really have nausea. For the most part my eyes feel heavy most of the day. Yesterday i wasnt too bad. took it at 1030 went to bed around 1, woke up at 9ish but layed in bed an hour or so. The dizziness has been very uncomfortable, i think when i get up and walk around i make myself more anxious, then if i lay back down i just lay here and think about getting up, its a vicious circle.

Today something weird started, i notice every once in a while i get a dull pain right where my heart is, i dont know what the heck it is, but i know im not imagining it. I called my doctor and told him how awful i feel. He just told me that its going to take a few weeks to work, and if i feel bad to take an ativan that its all anxiety. I just find it hard to believe, because its so I almost want to just drive myself to the ER and throw myself on the floor.

Im starting to stress now about how im going to work tomorrow, and go for that cat scan without losing it. I know if i feel lousy at work it'll throw me into panic and ill freak out again. I wish this would go away :([/QUOTE]

Ok, I'm pretty sure it does take a few weeks for the brain to build up some defense to the effects of the medication, I wouldn't call that "working" but you may feel better.

From what I've read, that defense is a tolerance building mechanism the brain has to chemical intruders. Tolerance isn't so good, because although it battles the negative effects of a drug it may also cause some desensitizing of brain receptors thus an eventual need for higher doses; with higher doses come more risks of adverse effects.

Brain receptors targeted by a drug, for example serotonin receptors effected by SSRis, will eventually become desensitized or diminish in numbers which leaves the brain without enough.

The term I read of that describes this is deregulation of brain receptors. Seems science has known about this for awhile but apply it more towards illegal drugs, although in reality illegal/legal drugs are alot alike only illegal ones are not controlled thus the risk of faster/more severe damage from extremely high doses.

But deregulation can happen to any brain receptors that are consistantly exposed to drugs on an on-going basis and some new research shows changes in brain receptors from SSRi antidepressants in rats. Now, I know we aren't rats but those same rats showed us the potential for developing cancer from cigarettes too.

Point is, just because the brain becomes less sensitive does not mean something is now "working".

Another point is that our bodies change over time and metabolize drugs differently, so new side effects can appear later on, a culmative effect of long-term use that is sometimes mistaken for new symptoms of a new conditon or new symptoms caused by original condition when actually it is poor drug metabolizm. Also, deregualtion makes the drugs less effective, again mistaken for worsening of original condition or emergence of new one.

In other words, drugs are never blamed yet science knows the risks and possiblities. I guess they chose to ignore it.

IMHO, based on from what I've read from science and some professionals, deregulation (dying off and desensitization of receptors) is a form of brain damage and/or brain imbalance caused by psychoactive medications.

I wouldn't personally trust any of these meds, especially since there is no way they can test your levels or know the proper levels of your brain neurotransmitters (unlike well-known measuring of blood sugar, blood pressure, etc) so who really knows what neuros you lack or need or have too much of.

But that's just me. Others will decide to go the med route and that's ok if it truely helps them but they should read up on the long-term effect of meds and things like tolerance and deregulation before deciding.

Good luck, hope you feel better either way.

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