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I've been reading here for a few hours and would appreciate some advice/recommendations.

I have suffered from anxiety for about 35 years now. I posted some info about me in this thread:

I have been taking Valium for over 30 years, and Paxil for about 10 years. They "get me by," but I've decided to do some more research on other possibilities.

After a lot of reading here today, Lexapro doesn't sound like too good of an option (with all the side-effects). Many years ago I tried Buspar, but it gave me short dizzy spells and kind of scared me away from it.

Is anyone here that's suffered from chronic anxiety for many years had success with Buspar or Lexapro? Since Buspar was specifically made for the treatment of anxiety, I thought I might ask my doctor to give it a try agian. I know it's an old drug, but I am looking for something that works.

Any input on Lexapro or Buspar (or any other meds) that people have had success with would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind I have dealt with this anxiety crap for 35 years, so I would especially like input from people with long-time chronic anxiety.
Thanks Bell. I'm thinking I should just ask the doc to let me give Buspar a try again, and stick with Paxil for now.

I read the thread on Paxil vs. Lexapro and there were many different opinions on which one is better. Maybe adding Buspar to the mix will help (or maybe it will kill me! :confused: ).

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