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Hello everyone.

I wanted to post my recent Zoloft experience hoping it will help those of you that are trying to adapt to Zoloft or other SSRI's. I recently suffered a major relapse after four years and I'm recovering well. As many of you have read, it can be a tough battle dealing with the side-effects of these medications. But for me, it was worth it.

I hope you find this information useful. My heart goes out to all of you.

I started taking Zoloft for severe GAD and a fairly mild case of OCD.

First week: 25mg
I didnít feel anything the first three days. Then on the fourth day I experienced two episodes of vertigo. Scared me a bit. Did not occur again after that day.

Second week: 50mg
No big changes. I was slowly feeling better. I would have good days and bad days. Experiencing mild headaches.

Third week: 75mg
This week was about the same as the second week. I was still having good days and bad days, although, on the bad days my anxiety actually felt worse.

Fourth week: 100mg
Everyday was pretty bad. I became nauseous all day everyday. I had to force myself to eat and I started loosing weight. Part of this may have been my overall stress level, but itís hard to say for sure. Everyday I had a low level of anxiety with episodes of intense anxiety. I had to leave work early a couple of different days. The very thought of food made me fill ill.

Fifth week: 100mg
I was still doing terrible. I was thinking that I wasnít going to make it with Zoloft. I was pretty upset thinking about the process of switching meds: Four weeks to wean off and another four to six to see if another one would work. My anxiety was even worse, I couldnít eat and I was loosing more weight. The constant low level nausea was keeping me very, very stressed out.

Sixth week: 100mg
This was the turning point. Everything started coming together. Taking Zoloft in the morning with my breakfast fixed the nausea. I was beginning to feel much better. My appetite was returning and my stress level was going down. I felt that I had gotten over the hump.

Seventh week: 100mg
Iím recovering! Iím feeling great. The anxiety is lifting and Iím not worrying nearly as much. My appetite is strong and my weight is coming back up. I havenít felt this good in 10 months. Most important, Iím actually feeling normal again.

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