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Hi I am on lexepro 17th day the first dose I took I feel the difference was very excited that it's working but now I am back where I started It's been giving me terrible insomnia since the first day I have no other side affects. restless nights for more than two weeks making me really sick I feel very stiff and jittery. I also have acid reflux. Will insomnia go away . Did anyone had a problem starting the lex. and how long does it take to have normal sleep pattern. What you suggest
When are you taking it? I take mine first thing in the morning. I know I would be up all night if I took it at night.
My Dr. told me to see which worked evening or mornings and mornings are it for me it I want sleep.
to nahk
i would reduce the dose by cutting the tablet into halves for a while, take it on waking, some valium type meds would help, of you can get any
I had trouble when I first started taking it, because I was taking it at night and it kept me awake, as I was nauseated all night long. I started taking it in the mornings and felt better taking it that way, and with a light snack. Your body is still getting adjusted to it, and you may notice even more new side affects in the adjustment period. Just hang in there, as I am in the 2nd month now, and things have leveled out for me. I felt my mind racing in the beginning, restlessness, foggy and dizzy feeling when I got up in the mornings, etc. Now all of that has subsided. Glad to hear that is it working for you. This is my first experience with an AD and I am glad that the first one I tried has worked so well for me! :bouncing:
i am taking mine after lunch that's when my doctor told me to take.
but now i will try experimenting with different time. I am glad it's all working for you hope it does the same for me.

Thanks for replying

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