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[QUOTE=Senpai]Thanks a ton Jennita. So far I have been able to stay off of meds, except for a xanax occationally. I've probably taken 6 in the past year. The muscle spasms finally quited down for the most part after two days. I feel really weak though. It really like being sick with the flu, but worse. Something similar though. My diet is pretty extreme in terms of healthy foods and I take Fish Oil, Flaxseed, B-complex, Ester-C, E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Multi, Grapeseed, Ginkyo, and Borage Oil occationally. I want to add Magnesium but am trying to figure out the best type for the body, and whether I should simply add a good Calcium and Magnesium suppliment.

It's confusing because I don't want to overdose, or have it go to waste. The recommended daily allowance for B12 is so low compared to what these vitamins supply. My b complex is supposed to have 833% B12. Really? I know that the FDA meausurements are the bare minumium, but they are so far below the recomendations of some of what I am reading that it's pathetic.

Doctors believe in drugs. I see it, it's obvious, and I am DISGUSTED with Drug companies and the health care system, such as it is. If they could patent vitamins we all know they would, and sell them at 2,000 times the cost.

I was walking, and sometimes joggin a bit for 50 minutes or more per day. Maybe a total of 3 miles or more. But the past two weeks I've been sapped.

If my health continues this way I probably will have to get a second opinion. My blood chemisty (Complete Metabolic Pannel) was all within norms though, for all of last year & so far this year. My mother had a thyroid issue and those can be tough to diagnose. I never handle illness very well. Usually takes me a while to recover from even a cold, and especially a lung infection of some kind.

I've been told to see a chiropractor and that perhaps some tweaking there might help a lot. I'm a bit frightened of them because no one I know ever goes to a chiropractor just once. One adjustment usually seems to lead to another. I know there are reasons for this, but the reason we go to a doctor is ultimately for a cure, not to be a source of income.

Once they diagnose you with a anxiety disorder of some kind it seems every symptom gets dumped into that catagory by the doctors.[/QUOTE]

Yep, I would not just assume anxiety.....that's a pretty easy catch-all diagnosis these days. I would get tests for sure!

Now, this is just a wild guess but I wonder if you are actually taking too many vitamins? My daughter took a nutrition class and was shocked that when her diet was evaluated(she isn't THAT great of an eater) on the vitamin computer program that she really only needed an average mulitvitamin once a WEEK, not a day to be at good other words, her food was providing plenty.

I would not be so bold to say this could be the case with you. But, by coincidence lately, I have been reading some interesting stuff about vitamins this last week.

For one thing, the average vitamin even natural ones are still synthetic and are usually lacking full range of nutrients. Seems ingesting vitamins like these could actually end up causing some adverse effects and create deficiencies of the missing nutrients/enzymes as the body deals with them like they would drugs.

So the latest thing seems to be what they call "whole food vitamins". They blend actual food sources to make them, such as for example, the Vitamin A content would be from fish oil, not the synthetic acetate.

I don't know if it's a way to sell something different or not, but the stuff I've read does make some sense about how the body reacts to isolated chemical vitamins vs. food. Poke around the net you might find some of the articles about this. Well, for me it makes sense if our mega-dosing vitamin society is dosing itself with synthetic chemicals not real nutrients like food has, maybe this could create some adverse health problems, couldn't it?

I don't have alot of confidence, though, that food only will be enough unless we really have strict diets full of only wholesome, unprocessed foods...hey, how many of us can eat like that's too time consuming and inconvienient so I think we need some sort of supplementation, but as per my daughter's vitamin chart experiement, I guess we really don't need as much as we think!

So I went and bought some Twinlab Food-Based Vitamins. I only take one, not the three a day recommended because like I said it seems we eat enough in our diets to not require large amounts of supplement help.

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