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I also get these. Its like a camera flash when someone takes your picture. I also get ocular migraines...their pretty scary but ive had my eyes checked out and they are fine
thanks for the feedback, it got so bad i could barely see out of my left eye, like peacefrogs said its like a camera flash, i also got real dizzy and ended up going to the ER spent a total of 9 hrs there took all kinds of tests including a cat scan on my head and it came back fine.....peacefrog when u said camera flash, does that happen to you for a loooooong period of time?
mayne, The first time I ever experienced the "camera flash" was about 6 years ago. I woke up one day and had a spot(camera flash) in my left eye and it was there an entire week before going away. After a week it went away and I then experienced an ocular migraine..which the best way to describe it is it starts out just like the camera flash spot in the center of your vision then it gets bigger turning into a zigzag shimmering kind of light, then it works its way to the side of your vision til its gone..the migraines last about 20 minutes then my vision is perfectly back to normal.I get these migraines about once every 3 or 4 months. the "camera flashes" I get all the time, daily..they come and go and only last a second or two. I have had a thorough eye exam and my eyes are perfectly fine! Hope this helps!


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