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Well Adam you're going to get to very different points of view on this.
There isn't going to be any in between.
You'll get people who have had trouble with Benzo's tell you that the devil himself created Xanax...then you'll have people who never had trouble with it tell you that it's a miracle drug.
I fall somewhere in between.
I know for a fact that not everyone who takes a benzo becomes dependent on or tolorant to them.
I took a very low dose of Xanax for a long time, and not once in all that time did I ever feel like I HAD to have it, nor did I ever up my dose.
It helped me get my life back, but I don't think it's the be all and end all for panic or anxiety my opinion there is no such thing...nothing works the same for everyone and not everyone will react the same to every drug or every form of therapy for that matter.

I was ALLOWED to take one half MG. twice a day, but I never took that much.
In fact I took half that much.
My Doctor told me something that I took to heart and I believe that's one of the main reasons why I never had any trouble with the Xanax.
He told me if I could take less and feel okay then that's what I should do...but to never, ever under any circumstances take more.
He said just because the bottle said I COULD take up to 1 mg. a day, didn't mean I had to.

I'm no Doctor but I have a feeling that your Doctor gave you the Xanax to counter act the startup side effects of the Zoloft and once you get used to the Zoloft you won't need the Xanax any more.

Like I said, I'm not a Doctor but if you have concerns you should talk to your Doctor about them and maybe ask her opinion of taking only what you need to counter act the Zoloft start up side effects...instead of taking it three times a day regardless.

I'm by no means and expert, this is just my experiance with Xanax and my opinion.

I hope everything works out okay for you and that the Zoloft is the answer for you....Good Luck :angel:
[QUOTE=adam2000]My Psych gave me .25mg xanax to take 3x a day for anxiety along with zoloft which ive started slowly.

Is Xanax bad? I dont want to become an addict or anything, or is my dose small enough not to worry?


Read the online free Ashton Manual. It is very informative concerning benzodiazepines. Benzos affect GABA, which in dependancy/tolerance situations the brain can literally become lazy and not produce it's own anymore due to drug taking over the function. Also, the brain can build up a "defense" if you will, which creates more excitatory neuros and imbalancing the receptor system.....this is tolerance. No way to know how long it takes to build tolerance.

Deregulation is another thing....continued exposure to psychoactive drugs can cause brain receptors to become desensitized and even eventually die off. This is proven science which seems to escape most prescribing habits these days.

But such damage is reversable with time.

However, if you stick with the low dosage and use a benzo short term, you will no doubt not run into all that trouble!

But Zoloft, which effects the excitatory neurotransmitter serotonin, could create overstimulation thus the need for continued use of the benzo to control that. Whereas discontinuing the Zoloft would fix that in itself, most physicans want to continue the use of benzos.

You can wait it out and hopefully not need the benzo when the Zoloft takes effect....because people do have different drug reactions to all this. But then be aware SSRi's have shown some deregulation of serotonin receptors in rats from long term use.

But none of this is dangerous. You won't die. You might even be able to tolerate the side effects or health effects down the line just fine. You may not even need the drugs long term at all, and they could be helpful to you in the short term.

You just must be vigilant on whether or not the drug benefits outweigh the risks; then you can decide what is best for your individual needs.

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