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hi litt ~ I found you guys over here :)
do you just take regular Sudafed? I have alergies too but antihistamines make me sooo sleepy, so I just do alergy eye drops for itchy eyes and just deal with the sneezing ~ you said the Sudafed peps you up and takes away your appetite though (which I would love!!!) so just wondering if you take plain Sudafed or Sudafed allergy or what? and how often, once/day?
also, does taking the Ginko Biloba help with the sexual side effect problem you are having?

hi Adam ~ I feel so bad for you reading all of this ~ makes me wish we all could have been there with you to help you through this, when you are feeling so crappy and antsy and stuff, I wish I could give you a big hug :) I hope you are feeling better ~ and I hope after you have been off the old meds (paxil was it??) and on the new (zoloft?) for a few weeks you will feel so much better ~ i think after a few weeks totally off the old and on the new you will feel better ~ it takes your body awhile to adjust ~ I'm hopin the best for you!!!! :)

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